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[FS] EVGA GTX 1660 SUPER FT:OId Stuff for trade

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  • Jul 26th, 2020 6:02 am
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Aug 31, 2007
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EVGA GTX 1660 SUPER FT:OId Stuff for trade


High Capacity Hard Drives.. 6TB+
HD enclosure, adapters, bays etc. Just want something at least USB 3.
I could also got for bays with esata if you got a esata pci-e expansion card too
VESA supported Monitor wall mounts, rotable stands etc.
Acoustic Guitar

FS: EVGA GTX 1660S 280$
Furmark link:

Inno3D GTX 780 140$

Just need to get rid of one or the other...

Hard Drives
Assorted 500GB 7200RPM drives mostly WD blues and seagates

Assorted 1.5TB, 2Tb, 3TB drives, most WD greens
segate 2tb 2.png
seagate 2TB.png
5TB Seagate


Antec 450w
Corsair 460w
Seasonic 550w
EVGA 600w GD

i7-2600k + ASUS MAXIMUS IV EXTREME + Corsair H70

MSI LGA 775 P6N SLI Platinum + Core 2 Duo e6600

Search Results
Web results

AM3 MSI 790FX-GD70
AM2+ ASUS m2n68-am PLUS

AM2 Sempron, AM2 Athlon 64 x2 3800+
AM2+ Phenom x4
AM3 Athlon II X2 245e Athlon 64x2's to
AM3 Phenom II x3 720

Assorted Pentium 3's socket 478 Pentium 4's and celerons
Assorted socket A cpus, Athlon Xp, Sempron, Duron etc.

Assorted SDRAM 32mb to 256mb DIMMS
Assorted DDR2 512mb-2GB DIMMS
Kingston ECC-DDR 333 512mb x4
ECC-DDR3 8GBx4 DIMMs 1333mhz
clear ram.jpeg
Located on the west side of Mississauga, near Winston Churchill and the 403. Close to Oakville. Prefer to deal locally.
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Jul 10, 2020
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What kind of AM3 motherboards do you have? I think my MSI 970A-G46 is dying. If I install Windows 7, no problems. As soon as I installed Windows 10, all sorts of problems, especially blue screens. BIOS updated, peripherals replaced, reset everything back to default and it still blue screens. I'm suspecting that it might be a bad RAM bank, so I'm looking for another board. Going forward, I plan on building a retro gaming PC for my son and I and I want to use the AMD platform. Anyways, let me know what AM3/AM3+ boards you have.
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Mar 29, 2011
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i7-2600k + ASUS MAXIMUS IV EXTREME + Corsair H70

Hey there I am interested in these. And maybe that evga psu. What are you looking to get for them or in trade? I have mostly xeon x99 stuff and a f1 mobo and ram.....q6600 mobo and ram....a 5930k with a dead core and a few cases mostly generic. Have a decent cougar case.

Or I can just buy it for cash.
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