Executive referrals or employee pricing vouchers

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Nov 26, 2008
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Executive referrals or employee pricing vouchers

I’m starting to look for a new vehicle.
My 2014 forester has a leaking evaporator coil which is about a 1100 fix because the dashboard needs to come out. I contemplated fixing it but it has oil consumption issues and has 170000km. It’s the first major repair on it but I got this feeling it could be the tip of the ice berg. I Just don’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling about this being the last major repair for a while.

I figure I would trade it in and go for a 2018 or newer vehicle.

Onto my question -
Two of my neighbours have passed along GM and Dodge referrals vouchers which is basically employee pricing.

I’m not big on NA cars and wanted to know if Honda or Subaru has these deals? I’ve never seen them advertise employee pricing but figure they would have some sort of voucher as mentioned above.
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Dec 13, 2008
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I think you will find they are just sales promotions to get you in the door.

There are no freebies these days, as much as there is no actual zero % financing deals. You still pay somewhere.

With those kind of issues, you will take a hit selling it. Consider also the tax savings on a trade in.

Recommend you first find what you like, then go shopping for a good price.