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Experiences with buying 15-25 year old townhouses?

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Jun 23, 2017
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Experiences with buying 15-25 year old townhouses?


Just wanted to hear what RFD's experiences, knowledge and advice here is on buying old townhouse (15-25 years)? I'm based in Vancouver.

What I've gathered from my research is that if major repairs like roofing has been done and it passes inspection, it should be OK.

Some specific questions I had:

1. Is a 15-25 year old townhouse a bad idea in general? In terms of appreciation, repairs? What should I consider and be aware of?

2. If a townhouse has done a major update like roofing, would you be more inclined to buy the townhouse?

3. What things should I consider/be aware of when purchasing an old townhouse?

Any advice and experiences would help me a lot.

Thank you!
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Oct 13, 2006
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No different then any other real estate purchase. If its a strata building, read the minutes; keep in mind you are in the leaky condo era. Wood frame(?), is it stacked? Look over the financials to see what type of balance it has for future repairs. I'm guess it has in suite water heater , electric (?), if so be prepared for higher hydro bills. Pest control, look for any issues pertaining to carpenter ants if wood frame.


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