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Experiences with Hisense TVs, looking at 50H7709

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  • Oct 24th, 2019 8:56 pm
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Experiences with Hisense TVs, looking at 50H7709

My poor old Panasonic plasma gave up the ghost; the top half the screen is black. I know I might be able to fix it for $100 in boards of of eBay, but I can't gurantee the will do the job, and I don't know what else may go wrong. My fiscal situation now means my replacement has to be much more frugal. I was looking at getting a Hisense 50H7709 50". Does anyone out there have experience with this model, or Hisense in general? Would I be better holding off and saving for a Samsung? Thanks!
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Read the Q&A and user reviews in below: ... merReviews

From the above, this seems to be of good value if you need a dumb TV and do not use the smart portion of it.

One major consideration regarding the smart portion of it, Hisense has this answer (taken from above):
"The H77 series uses our proprietary VIDAA operating system, which is completely customizable and easy to use. It works with Amazon Alexa. The H8 series is an Android TV that works with both Alexa and Google Assistant. The H8 is also a ULED television which is our proprietary colour technology."