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Exposed aggregate Driveway ( GTA)

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Jun 16, 2009
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Exposed aggregate Driveway ( GTA)

I am looking to get my driveway done. I currently have asphalt driveway but looking to upgrade it to exposed aggregate driveway. What will be a reasonable price range for 500 sq ft?
Any recommendations from past experience?
I also had an issue with my current driveway. I park my heavy truck on same spot and it was stand still for more than a year previously. Slowly this articular spot has developed deep sags under all four tires. My driveway sinks upto 4" every summer.
Will I have the same issues with exposed aggregate driveway? Any tips will be appreciated as this is a complete new area for me. TIA
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Nov 6, 2014
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It won't sag but the exposed aggregrate will quickly have a crumbled top as you return home on a daily basis in the winter with a salty truck from the salty winter roads dripping on your driveway. Salt on concrete will cause the finish to crack and pop unless you heavy seal it. Use 2 x 2 mesh or rebar to reinforce. When exposed cracks and crumbles its less noticable than a smooth broom finish. If you want a more elegant look instead of concrete, then lay a concrete slab first then stone or unilock on top. The stones won't move because concrete is under and you shouldn't get weeds as there is no dirt under or in between. It would look nicer, last a very long time but is 2x cost (stone/concrete).

Good luck.
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Dec 9, 2003
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$5000 to $10,000 including removal of asphalt.
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