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What's a good scrub for acne-prone skin?

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  • Aug 13th, 2019 7:14 pm
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Jan 28, 2014
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speedyforme - Well I tried Indeed at SDM - the hydraluron - the intense moisture lotion - as a hydrator. Last night - only the one new product at a time. It will not work for my face - will next try on my neck, before I pass it on to my husband. The line (at least at SDM did not have a cleanser.)

It is possible the The Ordinary does not have lavender oil in it - I was told it did but unless it was under some other name (which is very possible) or had some other offending ingredient in it, it might be okay for someone other than me!

Avene does have a line for intolerant skin - I tried it - guess what?

It does make it very hard, especially when I finally find something that works and then it is discontinued or reformulated. I always take the older container with me for comparison purposes due to the reformulation problem. This happened with a sunscreen that I used to use.

I was not quite correct when I reported that sunscreen is a major issue - it is, but eye creams are right up there as well. Having facial and ocular rosacea is a major problem. It is frustrating because back in the day women had nice skin before all of the botanicals, acids etc. I remember reading on the Essential Spa Forum a few years ago about a woman who had rosacea who had used the latest and greatest age fighting products only to find that she couldn't use them due to rosacea. I have known about this issue for a long time (learned the hard way) but it is better to be informed - and an informed consumer I have had to be. This is one of the reasons that I try to only buy from skin care consultants that I know and who know my skin.

I do not go crazy with reading ingredients. I am willing to try just about anything provided it does not have the known offenders in it.

It is a good thing that today is my birthday and that while I need to use products at the low end of the high end scale they give really good sized samples of everything. And that I have basically one of everything - and this includes makeup. One lipstick, one blush etc. Discontinued now of course. This helps keep the costs down.

If you go to the U.S. and it is still being made, Eucerin Cream in a jar for sensitive skin is very good (I of course could not use it) but my husband and several ladies could and they loved it. It cost 4 years ago about $14.00 U.S. but delivered the results of a much more expensive cream (much like the Olay ads but the ads were true). Eucerin sold in Canada is not the same. Plus it has lactic acid in it which drives me nuts. It was always hard to find since it sold out so quickly.

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May 18, 2009
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i use african black soap

exfoliate with salicylic and glycolic acid once or twice per week