Failed interview to a bad interviewer.... I'm so upset..

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  • Jul 15th, 2012 5:46 am
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Mar 24, 2005
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Why are you puting all the blame on the interviewer? You're just as to blame for failing to communicate effectively with a difficult person. Think about what you could have done differently.
Apr 2, 2012
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I have had some interviews before where the person interviewing me was awful. For example, I had an interview at a very small non-profit organization once, and it was the manager/director of the organization that interviewed me. She was an older lady who I just knew I wasn't going to click with right off the bat. She criticized previous jobs, and even the job I currently had! ("Well, I am sure you'll be happy when you don't have to work at ***** anymore") Anyways, it was just really bad, but when I walked out, all I could think was "Wow, that didn't go well, and I am totally not getting the job and that is completely fine with me."

I've also had interviews at places where they just seem completely unorganized and don't have their ***** together.. no thank you! I can't stand places like that. This has mostly been at retail/service industry jobs, not any of the more "professional" interviews I have had since I have been finished school.