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Nov 13, 2005
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Fake GPS

I'm not very tech savvy but can someone recommend a free Fake GPS site to download for my Samsung S8 and my Samsung Tablet so that I can watch my Bell Fibe TV while travelling to Asia and Europe. A couple that I tried that have 5* ratings don't seem to work.
Looks like my RFD account was recently hacked. I do not sell anything on RFD especially GC's.
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Dec 1, 2010
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Do you mean VPN and not GPS to change your IP address? If it's VPN, try something like PIA or NordVPN, I'm sure others can recommend for you. If you are traveling for a month just buy/order one month of VPN service, its like $7. Problem solved. Cancel and don't renew after 30 days, unless you are going for 2 months or something then buy 2 months spend $15 and call it a day.
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Jul 3, 2017
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There are many apps that have the ability to spoof your location in Android, some dedicated to that purpose (e.g., fakegpspro) and others offering it as a secondary function. It's different from a VPN - instead of changing your IP address, it changes the location reported by Android. Most geo-restricted web sites use your IP address to check your location, but many streaming apps use your location as reported by Android.


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