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Fake round corner pillar vs home theatre speaker

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  • Nov 24th, 2020 3:02 pm
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Fake round corner pillar vs home theatre speaker

Ok, sorry for the weird title, no idea what this would be called :) See pic...

Setting up my home theatre, and this giant 1/4 round-ish fake pillar "thing" at the corner is really hitting my OCD... taking up the good spot for my right front standing speaker. The "thing" is not fully round, about 20-24" in radius. I want to keep my sofa close to the front wall (dark grey) where the TV will be.

- If I put the right speaker close to the green side wall, in front of this pillar "thing" taking into account of depth of speaker and some clearance, the speaker will be only 4-5 ft from the sofa. That is likely too close for getting good sound quality.
- If I put the speaker close to front wall (dark grey) beside the pillar "thing" (i,e. 2 ft toward the center), then the right-most seat of sofa will in weird position w.r.t speaker orientation. I can try to shift everything to the left as much as possible, but certainly not as good as not having that pillar "thing" there.

So.... looking into way to deal with that. From the pilot hole, there's nothing inside, it's not a bulkhead of any sort. The 2 walls are exterior walls. No finished drywall or flooring inside unfortunately (I was hoping the pillar was a later add-on to already finished basement, as the baseboard trim pattern is difference than those on straight walls). Metal studs are used on the walls. Not sure if have studs on the pillar itself, I suppose 1 or 2, can't see. There's 1/4" (?) plywood curved around and nailed to vertical studs on the 2 ends where the 1/4 round pillar meet the straight walls, then 1/4" drywall plastered on top. I have a box of the matching flooring from previous owner.

Taking the whole thing down? Seems gona be quite messy, quite a big task.
Perhaps cut into the pillar to make a giant niche for the speaker to sit inside? That will need at least 40" tall, 12" wide (probably much wider so don't trap the sound, maybe 1/2 the curve in width), and 12-16" deep at least (so probably all the way to the back wall essentially)

Any suggestion?
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Yeah, I think somehow fitting the speaker inside so that it looks built in will be best solution here.


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