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Mar 16, 2011
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Fake S20 Ultra 5G

Hi everyone, I recently purchased an S20 Ultra 5G for $1100 off Facebook Marketplace but it appears they sold me a clone.

It was shrink wrapped, the box had a secondary seal, but it is definitely not an S20 Ultra 5G - the display only goes up to 720p60. Furthermore, CPU-Z reports the CPU as a MediaTek MT6799 which is also incorrect (It should be Snapdragon 865). Only one of the cameras work as well - and no 100x zoom. Came with a receipt from Yorkdale mall but upon closer inspection, it seems fake. The screen protector that was applied was also askew (I tried peeling it before taking a pic which explains the top right). It missed the camera hole cutout completely. Overall, the phone is very sluggish.

I checked the IMEI and it cross referenced out to be an S20 Ultra 5G, but the hardware itself is definitely not it. What are my options here? I have his phone number (which I suspect may be a burner), but I also have his girlfriend's Facebook details (which may be fake but I have no idea. It goes back to 2009 and she has a few pictures of herself).

What went down: I messaged the seller on Facebook Marketplace and she said her boyfriend would call/text me. He called me and we arranged a meet up time on the same day. We agreed to meet up at the Tim Hortons at Agincourt Mall at 3:30PM but he was a bit late, so it was pushed back to 4:00PM. He gave me the Samsung bag with the phone and receipt and I had a look over it. I checked the model # and the IMEI which cross referenced correctly. I did not open the box as it was still shrink wrapped and had a secondary seal plus receipt. I probably wouldn't have been able to tell either to be honest, as the phone physically looks like the real thing.

I have not contacted either parties yet. I've also taken screenshots of the facebook conversation, text messages, and the profile of the girlfriend. I've filed a fraud under $5000 report to the Toronto Police Service. Other than that, what are my options here? Their Facebook Marketplace ad was marked as sold for a minute, but then it was quickly relisted.

EDIT: It is the exact same phone as in this video but in a black colour. It seems the box was changed on the one I received to be more authentic:
  • 20200901_173614.jpg
  • 20200901_173619.jpg
  • 20200901_164819.jpg
  • 20200901_164824.jpg
  • 20200901_164829.jpg
  • 20200901_173045.jpg
  • 20200901_173053.jpg
  • 20200901_173547.jpg
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Jun 20, 2006
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if spending $1100 cash i woudlnt meet at a tim horton...
i mean police can request video footage if available
but him selling you a fake is hard to proof, specially since he had a receipt and you didn't open the box to check it!
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Your money is gone forever. Expensive lesson. Police won't do anything, they consider it a civil matter .
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Mar 18, 2011
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Definitely a hard lesson learned. I would never buy ANYTHING still in an untouched, sealed packaging, unless it was directly from the manufacturer that sold it. You're buying a item second hand, the most important part of that process is being able to inspect the device, prior to purchase.
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