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False Transunion alert on credit profile?

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  • Dec 5th, 2019 4:58 pm
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May 22, 2012
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False Transunion alert on credit profile?


I applied for a credit card online and they sent me a letter saying I need to call them. I called them and the agent said I have a fraud alert on my credit profile and that it requires that the creditors call me anytime I apply for credit.

I have never applied, or called, or registered anything on transunion. So the agent is saying he can't approve with this on file. What should I do?

Is it possible that this is someone else's report somehow mixed up? Because I clearly remember another credit card company, years ago, when I called them for my new credit card, asked me if I was a victim of identity theft and I said never and he also said there was an alert on my profile or something, but later he told me this could be a false report, and sometimes it happens and so he did approve my application.

So I am not sure what's going on with this, whether it's the agent or me, or some other thing? Can someone initiate this on my behalf like a bank?

I didn't put my SIN number in my application so could this be it?

What I don't understand is why they can't just verify me by other means and take my word that I didn't have an alert and I don't require anyone to call me for new credit? I already have an account with them.

Thanks in advance.
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Aug 24, 2016
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Were you included in the Government Student Loans, or People’s Trust Financial data breaches?
These two incidents resulted in everyone affected having alerts put in their credit files automatically.
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Suggest you request your free credit report / consumer disclosure from both Equifax and TransUnion.
Once you have those you will see what is on your file(s) and the last page will be a form you can send in to request any changes.
A fraud alert will typically have your phone # attached to it. If it is not your #, then that is a clue indicating it may be a crossed file.
You can request the fraud alert be removed.
OTOH having a Fraud Alert on your file can be a PITA, it also serves as an extra layer of security for potential fraud.
Most times having a fraud alert will mean you have to go in person to a bank or store to prove you are who you are. Online applications will usually require verification.
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