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[Fanatical] Star Deal - Blood Fresh Supply $1.19 (similar to classic Doom games) - limited keys - Steam

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  • Jun 26th, 2020 5:44 pm
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Star Deal - Blood Fresh Supply $1.19 (similar to classic Doom games) - limited keys - Steam

Deal Link:
This game looks quite good and is well worth just over $1. This is on sale on Steam for $7.69 with only a measly 33% discount. Enjoy!

The game came out on May 9, 2019 so it's only a year old.

This deal expires on June 28, 2020 at 11:00 am EST or if the keys run out before then.

About the game:

Battle an army of sycophantic cultists, zombies, gargoyles, hellhounds, and an insatiable host of horrors in your quest to defeat the evil Tchernobog. Squirm through 42 loathesome levels filled with more atmosphere than a Lovecraftian mausoleum. Begin your journey armed with a simple pitchfork and earn more effective implements of destruction like aerosol cans, flare guns, voodoo dolls and more!
Includes the original Blood and addons: Plasma Pak and Cryptic Passage

Blood: Fresh Supply Enhancements:

• Updated using Nightdive Studio’s KEX Engine
• Vulkan, DirectX 11 and OpenGL 3.2 support, play with unlocked framerates!
• Antialiasing, Ambient Occlusion, V-sync and Interpolation support
• Support for high resolutions including 4K monitors
• Fully customizable keyboard and controller pad support
• Extended modding support, including support for already existing mods
• Completely rewritten netcode supports up to 8 players:
◦ Play online in co-operative mode, kill each other in “Bloodbath” or split the difference in classic 4v4 team-based “Capture The Flag” mayhem
◦ Battle it out in local split-screen action
• Roll your own soundtrack with full CD and MIDI music support
• Look fully up and down with a new 3D view, or stick with the classic BUILD-engine style!
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Feb 13, 2020
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Anyone have this & could comment re: online community. Specifically playing online multiplayer, are there folks playing? I tried checking the companies website, steam, and few other searches, but could find no comments regarding if anyones playing multiplayer. Seems that would add much value. Game brings back memories & for just over a buck; why not? :D

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