May 3, 2020
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I'm attending Fanshawe's CYW program in September. I'm really excited for it and have been trying to do as much research on it beforehand but unfortunately there's not much information on the school in general. I just had a few questions regarding the workload and if it's doable in my situation.

1. I will be commuting about an hour every day I have many days a week does the average student attend class? Is it possible to compress/align them to like 3 days a week?
2. Is it possible to really hold a part time job while attending/commuting to school full time? (Commuting 80km a day is $$$$$)
3. I am someone who struggled a little bit in school - I have a focus problem that I am very aware of but haven't been able to fix 100%. I graduated high school with approx 80% average taking mixed/college level courses. Will I struggle with the transition of high school to college?
4. Anybody have their CYW diploma who would like to share their experiences?

Thanks! <3
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Jun 12, 2008
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You probably won't be able to compress your classes into 3 days a week. Especially first year. And not likely at all unless you have a bunch of electives.
That depends on your part time job. Something where you work Saturdays and Sundays would be doable. Is the commute 80kms one way? Or combined? 160kms a day would be tiring. It also depends on your life outside of school? Are you single? Living with parents? Spouse? Kids?
Have you looked at doing classes online through Fanshawe? I would do this if your drive is 80kms 1 way. Sometimes you can mix in person and online classes.
Fanshawe also has satellite campuses. Is that an option?
Fanshawe has great student services where they can work with you on study habits and any tutoring you need.
May 12, 2020
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I will be attending Fanshawe coming Sept as well and I was trying to find as much information, online, as I can about the college and my program, but there isn't a whole lot.
I live in Toronto and I was making plan to move to London Ontario because commute would not be possible on daily basis for me. Recently I got an email that some programs would be fully online and others blended (online and in person for labs). My program is blended and I have to attend the campus once a week, so now I am not thinking of moving to London. I would still have to commute 2 hours/trip to the campus once a week. And I still wonder would that be possible for me?
You might have gotten an email by now too stating if your program is fully online or blended. So you might be able to work part time either way.
You can also register with accessibility services ahead of time and they will provide accommodation during exam period and for assignments based on your needs.
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Jul 31, 2017
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You cannot compress classes in college. Most programs slot you into classes, and you do not get much (any?) choice in the matter. College is not like university where you can take classes to fit your schedule.
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Mar 6, 2015
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OP please use tags such as fanshawe college and other tools to look for information. Mind the dates of the posts.
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