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Fast SD for using Raspberry Pi 4 as a light desktop

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  • Dec 19th, 2020 12:03 am
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Dec 24, 2008
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Fast SD for using Raspberry Pi 4 as a light desktop

Doesn't need to be huge, I'd say 64GB would probably work but maybe 128-256 to be extra safe. I plan to use Ubuntu but if I don't like it I'll just go with official Raspberry Pi OS. It'll be basic stuff like web browsing but I might also run some servers so I can do some occasional messing around.

Or should I just go SSD+USB adapter? I plan to try that too and I've already ordered an adapter for other reasons as well, but if SD can satisfy I'd prefer the neater package. I don't think I'd wanna spend the money on those SSD specific cases since I already have cases, power supply, etc.
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Dec 6, 2020
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Go for the USB-SSD option.

You'll get much better bang for your buck than either going through SD cards every few months as they wear out or by shelling out for an industrial SD card that will cost as much as an SSD but provide lower performance.

If you absolutely want to use an SD card, look at Sandisk's Industrial XI cards ($95 for 64 GB from Mouser electronics, part number SDSDAF3-064G-I). These cards have enough write endurance to survive being used as a system storage on an RPi, but their IOPS performance will be minuscule compared to a $90 SSD.
Apr 19, 2014
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Don't mean to highjack the thread, but I'm hoping some advice on a related topic.

I want to get a Raspberry PI and attach it to my TV so that I can use Rogers Anyplace TV via browser (since their Android app won't work on Fire TV).

What's a super lightweight Linux a distro for the Raspberry PI that'll handle streaming via browser smoothly?


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