Faster and Cheaper Internet help

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Nov 18, 2016
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Faster and Cheaper Internet help

Feeling stuck. Currently paying $65 for Internet 10 with Shaw. I so wanna switch to Telus. I want faster, cheaper internet and it seems like the best way to get cheaper internet is to switch companies. But the problem is Telus doesn't have Shaw Go Wifi and my parents rely heavily on that. What to do! Appreciate any help.
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Nov 24, 2005
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Where you are is Huge. . . AS is Cable OR DSL. . . I dropped bell and ported the number to my mobile phone saving $33

As I'm in Ontario and out in the country my only choice for speed was Cable as I'm in Cogeco Land and they wanted $120 a month I went with a re-seller on the same network called START $65 a month for 60 MBPS Down and 10 MBPS up 400 GB Bandwidth.
Out west usually has better internet prices then in Ontario. . . Google providers in your area, Rogers in Toronto has Gigabyte internet for under $100 and its also offered out west in some locations, so many choices now for Speed but it all depends on what your requirements are call providers and make inquiries and they will also help with your needs, just tell tham your calling 5 providers and then making your decision.

Good Luck
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Jan 9, 2002
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+1 for start. Been with them for years, great customer service, no contract
Not your standard VoIP. Different and novel options & advice for my RFD friends.
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Mar 8, 2002
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My dad lives in BC in an area where Telus has rolled out FTTH. He was going to switch to Telus from Shaw, but Telus had some technical issues and they missed the install date. He went back to Shaw and they gave him a real sweet deal to stay with them.

Telus also offers free WiFi in many places: