Feedback on Big 6 Wealth Management rates and service

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Jun 7, 2010
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Feedback on Big 6 Wealth Management rates and service

Hi All:

Does anyone have experience with wealth management arm of various banks in the field? I am self employed professional and my corporation RE has just crossed the $1M earlier this year and I think it might be time to look into professional investment advisory, tax efficiency etc. I addition, I also have a CCP RRSP portfolio of $450K (VCN/XAW) and TFSA portfolio of $78K (Mawer Global Small Cap - MAW150). Not sure if this will be part of the package yet since my current RRSP MER is super low since its CCP'd.

I currently bank with TD and have requested the branch admin to refer me to their wealth management office local to my location.

Would love to hear from other RFD'ers, who are using any sort of wealth management firms (big 6 banks or otherwise) regarding total fees (management + transactional) that one can expect to pay and what sort of service they can provide to a single male in late 30s (about 20 years away from retiring). I am also considering looking into moving $$$ to MAW Tax Efficient Balanced MF (low fees @ .90%) but in the process doing options analysis at the moment :)

Note that, I am not certain if I want to go with active or passive approach for my corp portfolio so please save the active vs passive debate for another thread.

Thank you all!