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Feedback on Sonos Arc+Sub vs. other systems

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Feb 10, 2018
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Feedback on Sonos Arc+Sub vs. other systems

I am considering purchasing a Sonos Arc and wireless Sub pair, and would appreciate any feedback from anyone who is in my situation or already owns a sound system.

About me: Not an audiophile, but love watching TV/movies, occasional gaming (will be purchasing next-gen consoles in the next year), and listening to music. Recently purchased a Samsung Q80R TV and looking for a good sound system to complement it. I'm aware this TV does not currently have eARC, though Samsung has apparently promised a firmware update in the future to take advantage of Atmos.

My Setup: Samsung Q80R in a 650 sq ft condo, corner unit. I'm not too worried about noise issues with neighbours, but also don't expect to play movies/games at very high volumes.

Budget: $2000 max. The Sonos ARC+SUB totals $1900 and I don't want to spend more money, but I am looking for excellent value.

Questions: I'm in no rush to buy, but wondering if the Sonos Arc/Sub is good for my setup. Buy now or wait until later? Should I consider other sound systems? I heard great things about the Samsung HW-Q90R, but I won't be able to take full advantage of its power given my condo setup, so it seems like a soundbar + sub would work well.
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Jul 13, 2009
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Really depends on your space. Specs are one thing but having a great home theatre means having a great space. You could buy a $10k system and it will sound like junk in a bad space.

Sound bars are generally frowned upon because they are typically overpriced and under deliver.

If I had a small space, I would look into: ... ack-gloss/
with matching sub: ... sub-black/

Or ... r-package/

And lots of great receivers under $400/500 that will power that system well.


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