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Fence suggestions & recommendations

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  • May 27th, 2020 10:54 am
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Apr 5, 2017
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Fence suggestions & recommendations

Hi folks,
I'm living in my first home since end of 2015 & we are in good terms with all of my neighbourhood. Last year my immediate neighbour casually told me that she is planning to extend our common (property line) fence to front yard, up to her garage. My house is few meters behind her's (Garage to garage difference will be approximately 10 feet). If she builds a fence there, she get a bit more private space towards the side for her house and she can store her stuffs there and she can use that as a private walkway to her backyard. I honestly doesn't want to extend the fence because it is of no benefit to me and in fact it may not be a pleasant view for my house but i don't have any objection nor complaints about it (not on my bucket list to do).

Now this year, she just told me she is hiring someone and it is going to cost approximately $1500 including gates and all for her property and we can split. I felt it is too expensive for a 20 feet fence. I'm laid off now, so I told her politely that I'm not in a position to spend that kind of money now , maybe we can do it later or she can do that now and in near future , I can replace the other backyard portion upto 20 feet with a newer style fence so it matches up and its going to be good for both of us. Later she told me that, she is going ahead with the project now and it is going to be a single side fence and my side will be exposed.

She informed me that I cannot paint it (obviously I cannot, I'm aware of it) and in future,If I want to put fence board on my side, I have to pay her extra etc... I'm worried how ugly it is gonna look now because of this exposed side and I'm not aware what does that mean. What should I do now, pay her $750 or $500 or just leave it as is and let her do what she likes and doesn't care. I also took few quotes and few people quoted me just half of it for the job, when i told her that she told she is going with cedar and some sort of fencing post etc...

This is my first home in Canada, so need your suggestions. I'm really tight now as I'm the only income earner and kind of temporary laid off because of COVID-19. I really do not have any intention to have any grudge or issues with any of my neighbours.
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May 15, 2020
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Go to the City of Vaughan web site and read the Fence by-law. Here is my input based on my understanding of it, just my opinion:

- The part of the fence that passes your front door cannot exceed 1.2m in hight, see the attached screenshot
- She can built a divisional fence ON the property line and can bill you for half of the amount of the equivalent metal chain fence (the fence can be cedar or watever but you will only pay as if it was a metal link chain fence). That she may need to decide if she wants to bill you or not.
- she can buld a fence all fully on her property, and you will not have to pay as it will be all hers. But you will not be able to touch it, paint your side, etc. Maybe this was what she referred to when she said if you later want to close your side you will have to pay her.

Do not take my word, read the by-law and make sure you understand your rights and let her know she must not violate the by-law or you will file a complaint with the city and they will intervene. Obviously you weigh on your relationships, but if you do not protect yourself now, it may be difficult later.

Edit: sorry i assumed you are in Vaughan, if not then check the Fence by-law for your municipality.
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