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Fencing Cost - GTHA

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Apr 8, 2007
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Fencing Cost - GTHA

Hi folks,

Looking for a rough estimate for fencing costs for the following:

- straight fence - 40 ft length
- removal of existing posts...and installation of 6 new posts - 4 x 4 - which will require concrete, etc.

Any contractor recommendations in the Hamilton area would be great as well
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May 28, 2007
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Not sure what it"s like your way but fence boards are almost imoossible to buy right now. I assume the price is going up daily. Contractors have been driving 1 1/2 hours from TO and cleanong out locsl lumber yards, i need abiut 10 cedar fence boards for a project. HD and Home hardware don't have a stick of cedar fence boards. There is a local pt wood plant. I'm told all there inventory is sold so not shipping much to stores.

Previous quotes may not apply in current markets. Get spme quotes and be sure to ask if they have access to inventory.