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Fiber to Coax or Lan(RJ45) to coax Conversion

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Dec 14, 2019
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Fiber to Coax or Lan(RJ45) to coax Conversion

I have a Bell whole home modem that is fiber in to my home but the output of this modem/router from bell is only lan (RJ45/Cat5/6) out. Problem is my house does not have any lan cables in the walls. I only have coax cables running behind the walls to the various rooms upstairs.
What I am trying to research is if there is any solutions to convert a fiber(toslink) to a coax and then back to fiber upstairs to allow me to move my bell modem/router upstairs where I have several devices (pc, xbox/ps4, ip phone...etc...) that I can connect directly to the router as I am currently only using the wifi capabilities of the Bell modem/router today. The Bell modem/router is a HH3000 (newest modem for bell that only have fiber in). The other reason I would like to move the modem/router up one flight of stairs is that it is in the centre of my house and would also improve my wireless coverage without having to use wireless range extenders.
If there is no solutions for this or too expensive, then my other option is to see if I can get a Lan (RJ45/Cat5/6) to coax converter and then back to lan so I can at least put a lan hub upstairs so I can then connect all my devices mentioned above to the hub so they are hardwired rather than wireless.
Any thoughts?
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Jul 26, 2004
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There are MoCa 2.0 devices that will convert Coax to Ethernet. It may require you to have the correct type of coax splitter in your line tho that supports the correct frequencies. Something like this ... B013J7O3X0
Or a powerline to ethernet adapter kit should work as well.

But to move your fiber modem without relocating the fiber optic line maybe difficult. Since it sounds like the Fiber optic modem is combined into one device with the router/wireless?

Over here with Telus fiber optic, the fiber optic modem is a separate device then the router, and they're connected via Ethernet cable. I actually had a similar issue as you. But telus' router has a coax moca built in and telus provided a few moca adapters to power their optik TV. What I did was I piggy backed my own router down stream from their moca device that was suppose to feed data to the optik tv with a simple 5 port switch. Not the most elegant way of doing it, but it works for me to have wireless signal more central in the house, rather than in the corner of the basement.
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Aug 2, 2003
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No telephone jacks in the house? Might be able to repurpose those.