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Oct 7, 2012
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DanC13127 wrote: Ouch! I have a good friend that is an installer for Xplornet in the area. The stories he tells me… oy.

He refused to install it for me for years. My signal wasn’t good enough. There is/was a lot of bad and crooked installers out there. They would set it up any way they could just to get the pay for the install. Aim at the wrong tower just to get the activation and then repoint to a stop/sell tower to even driving down the road to get the signal to install!!!

I always suggest to anyone with issues to call and see if they can get a repoint at the very least. Second step is to harass your local government from sort council to MPs to get cracking. I’ve been at ours for 5+ years and things are finally coming to fruition. They were working closely with EORN and Rogers seemed to side step that with this latest run. Good luck!
Just chatted him, company he's with since after xplornet and till now until starlink starts is hawkesbury IGS
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Jan 16, 2011
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DanC13127 wrote: Thanks. If you are with Xplornet, they have been doing a lot of upgrades to towers. The way I understand it, when the tweak one it does affect others. New panels get added etc. at the very least I would call and voice concerns about your speeds and see if they can come out and have a site evaluation done again to repoint you. Might be in luck.
No, i'm still on bell copper DryDSL. Xplornet isn't even an option where I am as the towers are just too far away for LTE. I have lots of land, few neighbours and even less bylaw officers but until starlink I will have crap internet. :)

When I talked to my local township councilor she basically shrugged and told me about the horrors that are the town council zoom meetings due to the trash internet for everyone. They were in talks with xplornet about upgrades but there are just no towers in the area at all. Cell phone service is spotty as heck as well with LTE not being fully covering the area. There are a lot of H+ pockets around me.
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Jan 19, 2007
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Vianet is installing FTTH max 1gig down /500up cable on my rural road as part of Swift rural broadband initiative. Like hitting the lottery except expensive - internet, tv and phone bundle is $250 a month plus hst. As the OP asked any chance at competition from others hooking me up to the road? The more I read the more I think not. Anyone know the “rules” wrt FTTH laid under partial government funding? TIA
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Aug 22, 2019
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Belleville, Ontario
Tiger_paws wrote: @OP Rogers may install FTTH for you all the way. Interesting read here ... as-arrived
Fingers crossed 🤞 for ya.
Fingers crossed! I am still waiting to see/hear them in the area. They are to start this month, and being where I am I tend not to get tooooo excited until I see them physically hooking it up to the house.