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Fido Extended Network on iOS devices

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  • Jul 22nd, 2020 12:22 pm
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Fido Extended Network on iOS devices

Our cottage is in an area that is covered by Fido’s extended network and we get great signal for it as well. We only go up 2-4 times a year and have had no issues with it at all. However in our first trip up in June we noticed our 2 iPhones and iPad all had full LTE signal and worked with SMS/calls but no data worked at all. I spent over an hour on the phone with Fido and they couldn’t offer any explanation as to why I had full signal but no data. They basically just wrote it off. At the time it was my first trip of the season and I really didn’t think about the fact my carrier said “Fido” and not “Fido-ext”. So we went without data access for the week.

This last week we went again and encountered the same issue of course. However as I was irritated I started routing through every setting I could find or think of and eventually turned “Network Selection” automatic toggle off. The list refreshed and I then saw the “Fido-EXT” network which reminded me that it exists and should say that. We switched all 3 devices to that network and data access was restored. I know for certain we never had to do this in the past and the Huawei Mediapad we recently got from Fido automatically connected properly to “Fido-EXT” without any intervention.

Does anyone know why this has occurred and what changed on iOS to create this problem? Is there some setting I’m it seeing that would prevent it from swapping over to the Extended Network as from the main one. I’ve been on iPhone for many years and spent at least 3 years at the cottage on Fido without issue. I can only assume something was introduced in the last major iOS release that would have occurred after my last cottage trip of 2019.

It’s a mild inconvenience but one i would love to fix if possible. It wasn’t super convenient on the drive home as I use my iPhone on CarPlay for traffic and music and had to be on EXT to start the drive but part way home have my connection drop since my phone couldn’t swap back to the main network on its own.
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I don't have any feedback to offer but I just wanted to say thanks for posting this. A few weeks ago I was in an extended area and had full bars but no data worked on my iPhone (and also on my wife's Galaxy S9+). I don't recall either phone saying Fido-EXT so we'll have to check that next time.