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Apr 21, 2010
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Metninja wrote: How many of you guys have secured an iphone 4 in your retentions deal? What did it cost you?
>It is possible to negotiate the terms of a contract now, with the option to purchse the iPhone 4 when it comes out. You would then enter into a new agreement when you order/receive the iphone. (I have done this and have 3 months of recurring credits (to tie me over until the product release) which would then be re-applied for 36 months when I order the iPhone.)
>The pricing of the iPhone 4's have not yet been released.
>You can sign up to get the lastest information at:
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Apr 21, 2010
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»'Retention' Plans & Options CAN ONLY BE negotiated/obtained via "Customer Relations"/aka 'Retention' (CxR) PHONE AGENTS
»It is at a CxR agent's discretion whether to OFFER any 'special' plans/options; therefore, before you call it's advisable to read & follow the suggested strategies
»AN OVERVIEW ON WHO QUALIFIES, NEGOTIATION STRATEGIES & HOW TO CONTACT CxR AGENTS is here: fido-retention-plans-376936/#post4319005

»PLANS, OPTIONS & POLICIES DO CHANGE! All info has been gathered from RFD/HoFo Fido-forums & PM; there's no guarantee it is accurate/up-to-date

Sadly, as of August 8th 2013, with the elimination of 3 year agreements and the introduction of an entirely new line-up of plans/pricing all previous retention plans & options have apparently been removed from the system.

For an in-depth TUTORIAL ON NEGOTIATION STRATEGIES →10969156-post7288/

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Oct 10, 2008
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Thanks for the awesome post thirstyears!

Question. Does the $15 BB data plan, 50MB, include BBM+push email.
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Apr 21, 2010
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Jay Hova wrote: Thanks for the awesome post thirstyears!

Question. Does the $15 BB data plan, 50MB, include BBM+push email.
You're most welcome :-)

Yes, but the data for BBM + email all count towards your 50Mb. Remember though, BB's servers compress your data so you use a fraction of the data of any other smart phone. (hence the reduced data allotment compared to a regualr data plan)
Nov 28, 2009
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thirstyears wrote: As people seem to be asking a lot of "is this a good plan or not" questions, I thought I'd compile a list of the more common plans, add-ons, and credits available through retentions, to reduce the number of those enquiries (hopefully for a while). I’m compiling this list from memory… if there’s something I’ve posted in error, or neglected to mention, feel free to PM me and I’ll edit the list in order to try to maintain one comprehensive list. Cheers!

It is possible to have any plan or feature posted on the website at retail prices; however, retentions have some good deals as far as plans and add-ons:

There are a few base retention plans:

$17.50 plan:
200 Daytime
Unlimited Evenings and weekends starting @ 5pm

$25 plan includes:
Caller ID
200 Daytime
1000 E+W starting at 7pm (current promotion is E+W start at 5pm, if you sign a contract)
Choice of: Fido to Fido, OR Unlimited Incoming calls

$80 Unlimited plan:
Unlimited local calling ($50)
6GB data ($30 -can only be combined with the unlimited local calling feature)

Common retention add-ons are:
$10 -Value pack (CID, VM, 2500 Cdn texts)
$15 –Value pack for iPhone (Visual Voice mail, CID, 2500 Cdn texts)
$10 -unlimited incoming calls
$10 -1000 minutes of Canadian long distance
$10 –unlimited international texts

Data plans:
>$5 data credit off any retail data plan seems fairly common (and sometimes gets applied to the $15 retention plan)
>$15 data retention data plan has 150Mb for iPhone OR 50Mb for Blackberry
>Flex data plan: (data credit generally NOT available with this plan, but some exceptions have been reported)
$10 up to 100Mb
$15 100-150Mb
$20 150-500 Mb
$25 500-1Gb
$25 plus $0.05/Mb for anything over 1Gb to a max of $500/month

Monthly credits:
>$2.50, $5, $7, & $10 generic credits and any number of combinations possible
>$5 ‘data credit’ as mentioned above

>General observations (rules?) for credits:

-credits are easier to get when agreeing to a contract (freedom has a price)
-when not agreeing to a contract, credits are for a shorter term (often 6 or 12 months), after which you will have to call back and renegotiate for them
-the larger the plan ($) and more add-ons you have the more credits you might qualify for
-credits are not to exceed the cost of your base plan
-there is a limit/maximum of $20 in credits (exception being the $80 unlimited plan where $25 seems fairly common when adding both the 1000 LD and a Value pack)

One very common credit is for $10 to cover one $10 add-on such as the VP. If you are a light user, and you bring up Wind’s $15 plan for comparison, you can usually get either the base $17.50 or $25 plan with a value pack and probably be able to get a $5, if not $10 credit for the VP.

If you want subsidized pricing on a higher priced phone you generally will have to sign a contract. If you are after a subsidized smart phone you generally have to agree to a data plan on contract as well, which will be subject to early data cancellation fees.

The whole purpose of retentions is to prevent customers from switching to another carrier. TO NEGOCIATE A GOOD DEAL, THEY MUST BELIEVE YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT CHANGING CARRIERS, so be prepared to state your case as to why you feel your current plan is not competitive. Generally, to be in a good (easier) position to negotiate, you would be in the last 6 months of, or out of, a contract. Yes, some have renegotiated their terms prior to that, but it is less common, and I suspect you’d have to present a strong case to have luck with that.

For strategies on negotiating retention plans see this posting:

You can reach retentions directly at: 1-877-288-4240, then press 5 (be aware they will know you have called directly rather than being referred by a regular CSR; which may, or may not, affect your negotiations)

thank you for telling us this, !!
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Apr 21, 2010
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Ranting to Fido about their Roaming Rates might get you a better deal... and maybe even eventually get us some better roaming rates/plans.

One point I'm hoping more people raise with Fido is their exorbitant US and International roaming rates. We are paying $1.49/min for voice and a ridiculous $0.75 for a text while in the US. Wind charges only $0.25/min and $0.15 for text when in the US.

As far as data roaming goes, if enough people start asking for something like Rogers "ONE RATE" data plan which allows one to use their data plan in both the US and Canada for an extra $10 monthly fee, we might actually get it too. That is a far better deal than anything we are currently offered. As of July 12, 2011, Fido's US Data Roaming pay-per-use rates are $10.24/MB ($0.01/KB), or $6/MB if you subscribe to selected data plans*; it can be as low as $1/MB is you subscribe to a US Data Roaming monthly subscription for $10/month (with a 3 month minimum subscription). Bell's US roaming rate is $6/MB; Wind is $4/MB; and Telus is $3/MB. Bell and Telus have US data subscriptions similar to Fido's: $10/month gets you a rate of $1/MB (Telus' is a one time fee good for 30 days).

In all sincerity, my desire from all you folks reading here, is to raise these points with Fido when negotiating your plans; tell them how the competition has superior roaming rates & plans, and ask for something similar If they are unable to offer anything comparable, ask if they might provide some type of compensation! With enough complaints, hopefully Fido will respond and remedy these ridiculous rates, and offer us some decent roaming rates/plans!

I managed to get an additional $5 monthly credit in lieu of any similar comparable plans**, so it certainly won't hurt your negotiations to raise these issues! I’d actually prefer decent roaming rates than this small monthly credit which will get burnt up with just one quick phone call while roaming!

Wishing you great success with your negotiations! :-)

PS: for all of you who might suggest i use a US SIM/pay-as-you go phone in the US, I do***. My principal point being: if enough people complain, then Fido's policies might actually change, and then there wouldn't be the incentive, there currently is, to get a US SIM/prepaid phone for short trips to the US.

* Only 'selected Data add-ons and plans' get this preferential rate. Best to check with Fido to see if you data plan qualifies. My flex data plans pays the higher rate of $0.003/KB = $30.78/MB

** To get this $5 monthly credit I asked if Fido had any data plans similar to Roger's One Rate plan, or voice and text rates similar to Wind's (and quoted the rates). The agent searched on his computer for a bit, then came back and said unfortunately no. I then told the agent that I usually bought a prepaid phone/airtime when i traveled to the US for a week or more, as Fido's rates were so expensive. I then told the agent I was very tempted by Wind's $35 plan generally, but I saw great benefit with their plan as their US roaming rates were so reasonable -it would eliminate my need to purchase US prepaid phones/airtime. That is when the agent offered me the monthly credit in lieu of any comparable options from Fido. :-)

*** If I'm headed down to the US for a week or more, I usually get a Net10 phone for $30 (the phone is free, as it comes preloaded with $30 of airtime/credit). With the International Neighbors feature (a Canadian tel #, which you can call fwd your Fido# to), $0.10/min, and $0.05/text (unfortunately no texting to Canada), I haven't found anything that beats Net10.

As of July 12, 2011, Fido now offers these day/week packages for US data:
-- US data 24 hour: 2MB - $5 per day; 10MB - $10 per day; 40MB - $20 per day
-- US data Week Pass (168 hours): 15MB - $25 per week; 60MB - $50 per week; 250MB - $100 per week.

To pre-purchase a Data Day or Data Week Pass while still on Fido’s Network:
>1. Text ‘Travel’ to 7626 or visit on your mobile device browser.
>2. All pre-purchased Roaming Data Passes only become active upon using data services while roaming in the respective region that the Data Pass is applicable for (IE: US data roaming usage will trigger the activation of a US Roaming Data Pass).
>3. The activation of your Roaming Data Pass will be confirmed via a text message.
>4. All pre-purchased Roaming Data Passes expire after 30 days if still not activated.
To purchase while Roaming:
>1. If you do not already have a data roaming option on your account, you will automatically be presented with the option to purchase a Roaming Data Pass when you try to access data services on your device.
>2. Follow the prompts on your mobile device to purchase the Roaming Data Day or Week Pass that suits your needs.
>3. You will receive a text message confirming your purchase.
>4. If you exceed your time or data limit you will automatically be presented with the option to purchase another roaming data day/week pass before you can continue to use data services on your device.

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Dec 29, 2005
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Guys, regarding trying to get the best deal when in the USA, don't even waste your time with our Canadian options, they are all a POS.

I actually got a new account (no contract), threw 100$ into the "pay and use" option, and it costs be a flat rate of 5 cents per minute for all calls in the nation of USA.

Since I threw 100$ into account, AT&T folks gave me a free samsung JACK phone.

I travel often to the USA, and I hate to say it, but I need to have 2 plans to make it all work. I'm planning to get a new phone with dual SIM capacity, therefore making it easy for me to retain all contacts + notes + appointments on sam phone, and use proper SIM in proper country.

Even the Dollar Store (Family Dollar) in USA, is selling phones for 10$ with no contract, and flat rate of 15 cents per minute nation wide.

We need to get an American wireless provider into Canada approved by the CRTC, so our local companies stop screwing us Canadians....

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Apr 21, 2010
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Sergio wrote: Guys, regarding trying to get the best deal when in the USA, don't even waste your time with our Canadian options, they are all a POS.
I agree,
I usually buy a disposable Net10 phone with $30 airtime (all for for $30) if I'm going down to the US for a week. I don't travel often enough to put down $100 for a plan/# which will last a year. Its the small weekend trips where I get burnt; and for which I'm hoping Fido will ease up on the robbery.

If Fido matched Wind's roaming voice & text rates I would not feel I'm being robbed, nor would there be the incentive to buy the US prepaid phone for a week's trip. Yes, wishful thinking for now... but if enough people raise the issue and complain then something might actually change.
Jun 10, 2010
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Hey Guys,

Finalized my contract with Fido, with a new Blackberry Curve...

$45.00 a month - no SAF or 911 charge

-150 Weekday minutes
-1000 Weekend / Evening minutes (starting at 5:00pm)
-Unlimited incoming
-Voicemail and Caller ID
-500mb of data
-Unlimited texting, including picture and video texting

BTW... I travel to the states fairly frequently. The Net10 phone is an awesome deal for those who don't want a contract. You can actually get yourself a Canadian telephone number for it, of which you can have your regular Canadian cell phone forward your calls to your Canadian Net10 number. This allows a local call on everyone's end. The only downside is the 30 dollar credit expires 90 days after activation, HOWEVER, if you buy yourself another 30 dollar credit close to the expiration date of your first credit, all of your minutes roll over. So, for those of you who may visit Bellingham / Detroit / Buffalo on weekend trips regularly, along with a week or so holiday in the states, you end up using most of your minutes sooner or later.

A funny aside, if you contact the Net10 customer service, all of the representatives seem to sound like (and act like) the hispanic housekeeper off of The Family Guy. It's best to get your most patient Spanish speaking friend to do any trouble shooting you may have!
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Jul 28, 2003
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thirstyears wrote:$80 Unlimited plan: ( )
Unlimited local calling (No more 'home zones'/out of home zone fees (LD charges still applicable); $50 without 6Gb data)
6GB data ($30 -can ONLY be combined with this $50 unlimited local calling plan)
Some updates to this plan:

This has actually turned back into a zoned plan for people who have acquired the plan on or after May 26, 2010. Only 12 major cities in Canada are offered this plan now, and it has become like the old City Fido (although the zones are slightly smaller than the original City Fido). The 6GB data option is a part of the $80 plan, and not an add-on to the $50 plan. The $80 plan also includes unlimited Canada-wide SMS, whereas the $50 plan does not.

The updated information is within the post you linked to.
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Nov 24, 2004
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Okay everyone, I've been a Fido customer for just under a year, never had a contract, now on the $20/month voice plan with $15/month Blackberry messaging plan.

I talked to Fido Retentions today looking for a better deal for data and voice (I will switch to an Android phone), and was offered the following:

$20 voice plan
-$5 credit
$25 for 500MB data
-$5 credit

Total $35 per month for the normally-$20 voice plan and normally-$25 data plan, on a two-year contract.

Does this seem reasonable? There will be months where I don't use 500MB data, I've heard about this "tiered" data plan, not sure how I go about asking for it.

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Dec 14, 2006
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I'm a Rogers costumer but just wanted to chip in that i got a retention plan not even 1 year into my (horrible) previous contract. I got a very very good retention plan according to RFDers (see my post on rogers thread).
I was there at the 32$ price error at day AND at the 150$ off price error at
RFD price error moto: "Buy now, think later." -Ahzuz
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Apr 21, 2010
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JHW wrote: was offered the following:
$20 voice plan
What's included in that plan?
There will be months where I don't use 500MB data, I've heard about this "tiered" data plan, not sure how I go about asking for it.
The retentions $15 data plan has $150Mb of data and overage is $0.03/Mb (confirm this overage rate, as it might have changed since they introduced the flex data plan).

If you are going to use less than 500Mb per month (and the overage is $0.03/Mb), it is a better deal than either the retentions flex data plan or the $25-500Mb, if you can keep that $5 data credit (which you usually can if you are willing to sign an agreement).

If you can't get the data credit wiht the $15 plan, then go with the Retentions Flex Data plan.

To get either of these plans you can tell a Retentions CSR that you think don't think you'll be using close to 500Mb of data and ask if they have a smaller option available, or you can outright ask for the plan you want. (If you ask for the $15 plan make sure to ask to keep the data credit! If you are not subsidizing a smartphone you should be able to get it.)


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