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Winback offer (ON) - 15 gb data, unlimited calling, $50/month (YMMV)

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  • Oct 9th, 2020 10:45 am
May 2, 2010
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[Fido] Winback offer (ON) - 15 gb data, unlimited calling, $50/month (YMMV)

Cancelled my month to month Fido plan yesterday and got an email today, asking to call 1-844-836-5948 for an exclusive offer. I called and they offered 15 gb per month, all the usual bells/whistlers, 5 hrs of free data/month for $50. YMMV. See screenshot. Of note, I had only been with Fido for a week as a new customer. I'm not taking the deal as coverage sucks at my workplace.
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Oct 22, 2007
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I was so happy to finally leave Fido. While I was with them for a good few years, I had called retention seeking for better offers. They won't give me anything. One day after I port my line to another carrier, then did Fido Retention call me and offer me the $50/15GB. I asked them for a tablet plan on the side; as I have a second line, won't offer me anything. So bye-bye Fido.