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First time home owner looking to do kitchen and bathroom renovation, where to start?

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  • Jun 29th, 2018 7:34 am
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Jan 19, 2018
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First time home owner looking to do kitchen and bathroom renovation, where to start?

Hi all,

I'll be looking to renovate the kitchen and bathroom in my condo very soon (early July). I'm looking to do the following things:

  • Replace kitchen counter top
  • Replace kitchen lights
  • New kitchen backsplash (maybe)
  • Replace tub with shower
  • Replace cabinets and sink
  • Replace wall and flooring tiles
I'm a first time home owner so I'm not sure how these things are supposed to work. I see that Ikea offers a full suite of services from measurement, in-home planning, to installation, presumably using Ikea products/materials. Are they any good in terms of work and product quality and price)? If not then what's the recommended way to go? I won't be doing any DIY, so I'll need all of those services in the end. What is the estimated cost? What timelines am I looking at in terms of project length? Should I get a designer or is the contractor(s) who will do the actual installation enough? If you know any good contractors who can do a good job for reasonable price, feel free to shoot me a PM. I'm located in Toronto. Thanks for any insight.
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Jan 19, 2017
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1) you'll "need" to gain approval from the condo board.
2) Download the Houzz app on your phone and tae a look at what you might like, and screen cap them for reference when talking to suppliers and contractors.
3) Get a good cash back credit card.

- Have a few suppliers price a supply and install scenario based on the product you like
- Replace the sink and faucet at the same time. If coming from a plastic laminate counter top to a marble, going to an under mount sink is a more modern look. Dont HAVE TO change it out, but if updating the look, now is definitely the time.
- Are you switching to or from a pot light assembly, or simply just changing a fixture. This is a very easy DIY project if its just changing fixtures.
- Flooring contractor or a handyman can price the backsplash out for you. Pick a tile out, and find a contractor who can install it (ask for pics of previous projects!!)

- Depending what you're looking at, Costco has a nice base and glass door assembly for good price. Can have a plumber install it, and have the guy doing the tile backsplash, do tile surround in bathroom. (he may also be able to install shower base as well)
- If it were me, i'd likely find a nice 'furniture vanity' which is essentially a vanity, with a sink top pre-installed. You can find them all over, from Costco to Home Depot, ETC. As far as products, Ikea's cabinetry has 25yr warranty I believe. I've had a few friends use them, and have loved them.
Wall and Floor tiles
- Same as the kitchen back splash guy.

As for price ranges, honestly sky is the limit. It all depends on product selection. What I would do, is establish a budget you're comfortable with, and move from there.

Good luck!
Feb 20, 2017
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Barrie, ON
As the above stated it can vary not familiar with condos

But for the kitchen estimated price range for all of that is: Min of 5K-20K (Depending on contractor/materials)
Bathroom has a huge range without knowing how big of a shower you're putting in can be 15K-40K
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Dec 27, 2007
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Being a first time home owner or not, it really makes no difference. Either you have the drive to learn and do it or you don't

Go to your local technical college/trade school and get some.minor courses on renovations. Save you some money, will be able to do it yourself and learn, or atleast you will have a general idea of what's going on and can stop work anytime something is going wrong.
There are 4 threads on the first page in home &garden where the OPs are having problems. You won't be one.

The courses will be a small part to pay (they are $300 here, several of them) and will be a good ROI
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