First time to L.A. - Need tips, suggestions, advice etc.

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Sep 30, 2008
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First time to L.A. - Need tips, suggestions, advice etc.

Hi Everyone,

I have searched for a similar topic but could not find one.

My wife and I (we are both 27) will be going to L.A during the last week of Feb. I have never been there before and am looking to anyone in the community who has any suggestions on things to do, places to see/stay/eat. Any advice, suggestions, or tips are greatly appreciated.

We will be looking to do some tours and sightseeing, not sure if it is better to rent a car and explore on our own or do a tour. Also, will be looking to go to a beach (not sure which one) check out the city etc. and do some shopping but we are totally open to almost anything. Would really like to check out a show taping if possible too. We will be there for an entire week and really want to enjoy the L.A. experience.


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Jul 7, 2003
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When I went to LA, the two things I enjoyed most was the Warner Brothers tour and the Desert Hills Outlet (75 miles outside LA)

I really liked the WB Tour. The WB tour you get to go on tv and movie sets and see where they make props and other tv/movie related things. I got to see the Friends set back when I went. I quite enjoyed it. You can sign up there to watch some tapings of shows, but I would try to do it in advance as a lot of the good shows fill up early. My friends mom when to a Ellen Show taping and everyone got $500 worth of free gear.

I also went to the Desert Hills outlet which was the best outlet Ive been to. I got some excellent deals there. Got a Ralph Lauren cashmere/wool suit for $150 US and Nike Shox for $30 US (back when they were rare).

Also be sure to hit up a In and Out Burger. Quite a famous burger joint in Cali.

I also checked out Manns Chinese Theatre/Kodak Theatre (Hollywood is a dump), Universal Studios, Staple Center for a LA Kings game and some other stuff, but they were nothing special IMO. Check out WB and Desert Hills :razz:
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Sep 30, 2008
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Thanks Jaytee. The outlet looks nice, hopefully the deals are worth the drive. And the burger place looks good too, will definitely check that out. Anyone know of any deals on car rentals in L.A? I have reserved a car online through Hertz with the friends and family code but since it is very YMMV I am looking for a plan B.
Jul 28, 2007
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I've always rented with hotwire and priceline. Always rent a LUXURY for a week 300$+ tax. Using CC for the ins.
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Mar 10, 2004
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I was in LA recently (for the first time as well). One thing to remember about LA is that it is rather spread out (the things to see). So renting a vehicle is a pretty good idea. We found the coastal areas of LA to be the most enjoyable, ie. the beaches (Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach, among others), they are quite nice. As for other attractions, Universal Studios was nice especially the backlot tour. Hollywood in my opinion is quite over-rated. Lots of people and a sleazy/dirty downtown like atmosphere, easily do-able in half a day. Many people stay in Hollywood or downtown when they visit LA, I would highly recommend Santa Monica. It's very beautiful and the 3rd Street Promenade shopping area is super nice. Also, if you have the time, I would recommend a drive down to San Diego (2 hours driving time), a very nice city, needs more than one day, but at least it will give you a taste. All in all, LA is very nice in terms of a natural setting, you have mountains, the ocean, and nice sunny weather - a great combination. Enjoy your trip.
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Oct 25, 2007
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I moved to Toronto from Los Angeles. You need a car.

Check out:

3rd and Fairfax farmers market/The grove.
Randys Donuts (google it).
Downtown LA and the architecture from movies etc.
Beverley Hills - Rodeo drive

To Eat:

In and Out (there is one on Sunset around Highland)
A good very LA pub to sit on a patio is the Cat and Fiddle - Sunset and Vine
Great great LA restaurant that noone knows is "Home" . Its great for breakfast I really miss it.Its on Hillcrest in Los Feliz area. ... geles.html
Pinkberry is an LA insitution - its frozen yoghurt but seriously good. I miss it also. There are loads of them.

Bars - Geisha House on Hollywood at Cahuenga or thereabouts. Owned by Aston Kutcher. Dress smart. Its also a sushi bar. I stood next to Dennis rodman once, its ful of famous people.
Barneys Beanery is another famous bar - on Santa monica in West Hollywood.

Have fun and drive defensively..