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First time PC Build - Any suggestions?

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  • May 17th, 2021 2:26 pm
May 15, 2021
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First time PC Build - Any suggestions?

May start purchasing parts in the next couple weeks. Because of how expensive GPUs are, I have decided to go with iGPU because I'm only playing light games casually (LoL, Minecraft, Rocket League, Fortnite, etc).

PC will be for schoolwork and light gaming, don't need any RBG. Not sure if 500 gb is enough. Plan to OC Ram to 3600. Budget 800-950 CAD.
If I'm only Overclocking Ram and playing non-intensive games, do I need a CPU Cooler?
I just want to ensure I make good choices and have compatible parts, so all suggestions are welcomed. Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated

PCPartList: ... iew=NWQygs
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Dec 8, 2009
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I'd suggest going with a different monitor. That's a TN panelled monitor. Definitely grab an IPS or VA panelled monitor for better contrast, colours, viewing angles, etc.

Also, it's definitely worth the upgrade to a 1 TB SSD. Prices are good right now (especially in comparison to the crazy prices on some other parts). I always err on the side of caution when it comes to storage space.

The stock cooler would be okay, but if you are going to game I'd definitely consider getting an aftermarket cooler as rocket lake can run hot and the stock cooler is fairly loud.

If you plan on putting in a discrete graphics card at some point you probably want to factor that into your power supply choice as well.
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Aug 15, 2007
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I agree with the above posted re the Monitor. I would pick this ... or-vs239hp
It comes with ASUS Rapid Replacement: 3 Years Warranty, 2 way free shipping

Also I've seen many posts complaining about Intel and 212 cooler thermals hitting 90+ degrees and in some cases 100+ on high load. I suggest using a Noctua cooler like this one: ... oler-nhu9s
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Apr 29, 2018
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I would suggest starting with bare basics and then adding coolers etc as needed. Running my Ryzen with a stock cooler. Also imo overclocking these days is waste of time. The performance gains are minimal at best, and the time required to get everything just right is way too much.

Gone are the days when you could use a pencil to unlock an extra core or upgrade GPUs by just flashing firmware
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