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Fitness Equipment Promo Code for Canfit members only

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  • Jul 15th, 2014 1:34 pm
May 13, 2012
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Fitness Equipment Promo Code for Canfit members only

Located some promo codes inted for Canfit members only. Some decent pricing especially in that Power Rack.

http://www.treadmillfactory.ca/xtreme-m ... power-rack $493.50 promocode:CANFIT3799
http://www.treadmillfactory.ca/strength ... quat-stand $97.56 promocode:CANFIT2816
http://www.treadmillfactory.ca/fit-505-fid-bench $137.89 Promocode:CANFIT3804
http://www.treadmillfactory.ca/xtreme-m ... -fid-bench $289 CANFIT3820
http://www.treadmillfactory.ca/fit505-6 ... knee-raise $177 CANFIT3802
http://www.treadmillfactory.ca/ceiling- ... hin-up-bar $55 CANFIT4035
http://www.treadmillfactory.ca/wall-mou ... -bar-sacub $60 CANFIT3728
http://www.treadmillfactory.ca/undulati ... ith-sleeve $139 CANFIT2833

I noticed the pattern of CANFIT followed by the last 4 digits of the item.. found a couple more on random items.
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May 18, 2006
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anyone with thoughts on the extreme monkey power rack? great quality? or better to get something more commercial? thanks
Jul 5, 2006
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11 gauge 3x3 is usually used for commercial grade as well.. All the elite ETS commercial racks at $3000 are 3x3 11 gauge as well. Plus all the features like band pegs, dip bars and Multi grip chin ups makes this rack a steal at that price.
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Jul 23, 2004
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Thanks! Those chin up bars look cool, but they don't give a very good description of the drop height for the ceiling-mounted one. That Fit 505 bench looks decent, too.
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Nov 27, 2013
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Deal does not seem to work anymore. Does anyone know if this promo worked for orders being picked up in store?
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Jun 29, 2010
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nater51 wrote: Deal does not seem to work anymore. Does anyone know if this promo worked for orders being picked up in store?
just tried the promo code for the chin up bar and it's working.
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Jul 11, 2006
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No max weight capacities listed for either bench.
Hard to take them seriously when they leave out such critical information.
In close up pics, some of those welds look questionable as well (on the power rack).

Acceptable weld
[IMG]http://cdn.treadmillfactory.ca/media/ca ... -6-lrg.jpg[/IMG]

Non smooth questionable weld
[IMG]http://cdn.treadmillfactory.ca/media/ca ... -4-lrg.jpg[/IMG]

Is there even a full weld here?
[IMG]http://cdn.treadmillfactory.ca/media/ca ... -1-lrg.jpg[/IMG]

Safety first, lift second!!!

I've never heard of Xtreme Monkey.
Is that their house brand?
Must be good though, because Monkey's are fit, and they leave the first "E" out of their name in order to be hip & cool. ;)
I'd sooner stick with brands such as Hoist, Torque, Rogue, Life Fitness, etc.
For just a few bucks more, even this Body Solid rack at $599 comes with a lifetime warranty, and has somewhat of a decent reputation.
http://www.treadmillfactory.ca/body-sol ... ack-gpr378

Sorry for nitpicking.
I just believe in buying major pieces of fitness gear ONCE.
Same reason I chose a Concept 2 rower above any other brand, some of which cost more.
It should technically outlast me.

A quick Google search confirmed what I had thought.
Plenty of forum posts with people asking about this brand, and also found several regarding this rack.
I'd like to link to them, but doubt RFD allows external forum linking, so please search for yourselves before buying.

It looks like Xtreme Monkey is indeed their house brand, in which they over-inflate the MSRP and try to push out the door by offering "great value".
I'd worry about current and future warranty & parts support as well.
Truth is, it looks like lower grade MIC stuff, and I'd especially question the grades of steel, vinyl and other materials which they are using.
Looking at a lot of the Xtreme Monkey gear on their site, I see more bolts than welds as well.....another sign of lower grade stuffs.
Yes, most higher end equipment is also MIC, but with higher grade materials and specs.

The margins for selling their house brand are MUCH higher than well known name brand equipment.
Sometime, you truly do get what you pay for.
Jul 8, 2014
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Toronto, ON
Treadmill factory is generally overpriced I find. Bought a few things over the years and realized I don't need industrial strength equipment at home; for that there is home equipment.

Try fitnessavenue.ca- similar products, much cheaper. Bought great power racks from them at 50% less than the monkey rack. Bought other products from them after every place sells similar products for more expensive.