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Fluent Home Security - Please stay way from these crooks.

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Feb 28, 2013
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Fluent Home Security - Please stay way from these crooks.

This is my horror story about fluent home security.
6 years ago we're convinced by a salesman to buy a home security system from fluent. Its our fault, in the first place that, we got talked into it and signed for a 5yr contract. However, after 6 years, now we want to terminate out contract we are facing the most ridiculous experience we have ever had with a company. So if you are not going to read the rest of the story, my advise is to please walk away from fluent security don't get their services.

So I called their contact number to request to cancel. The woman told me she has to request a call from client retention team to me in order to continue the termination process. She also offered me a lower price which I rejected. I asked her specifically what is the process of official request for termination and she emphasized that the process will start once I get a call from their retention team. Two weeks went by and no call!!. I called again to customer care and I was told they will re-request a call. Again I told them I dont want to talk with their retention team I just need to cancel. But again I was told this is the proper way and the only way to terminate the service.

Since this is going no where I decided to dig the initial service contract and see what it says about the termination. In the contract it says customer can request to terminate the service after contract period is ended by sending a request by fax or mail, or fax and that is taken as an official request for termination. There were no retention team calling bs. I right away sent a fax also an email. I was going to send a mail too if they had claimed they didnt received the fax/email.

After couple of days (still no call from retention department) I called back and asked them if they had received my request. I was told my request has been received and surprise.. surprise I was also told this is the proper way of requesting account termination. I was furious and asked them why they had not told me this at the beginning. It has be around 3 weeks since I called them to request for termination. They are purposefully withholding information so that they can squeeze another few months money from your.

This happens on November 11th 2021. I asked them to confirm the day my termination request came and they confirmed they received it on 11th Nov and it will take two months to process. There is no way in the world we currently live takes two months to process a cancellation request. Initial account setup was done in only got few hours and unless they have more clients leaving them than joining, it should only take couple of weeks tops. But there is nothing your can do other than waiting.

But today is Feb 5th and I am still getting billed and my service is still active. I sent lot of emails and phone calls, all with same response, "We are working on your request and we will let you know next week"

I read here, some people have same experience and even planning to go to small claims court. I might have to do the same. So my advice is please stay away from these crooks. they are not worth your time or money
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How are they being paid? Just cut off the payment to them. Stop chasing them. Keep copies of your fax and other details of the cancellation.


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