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Star War R2-D2 Nite Jogger - $49.99 ***IN STORE ONLY*** You can order your size in store to ship to home

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Nov 10, 2012
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DougO wrote: Gotcha. deleted the post before I realized I had to make two trips. Sorta cold but I have to verify stock at one store, then get the GC and then use it at the store. Morning temp here was -8C today and will probably be the same tomorrow and i have to walk to the two stores but it would be worth it...
Yes, definitely some extra work to essentially get 20% back in PC Points, but this is RFD after all!
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Apr 15, 2009
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jarfgames wrote: Yes, definitely some extra work to essentially get 20% back in PC Points, but this is RFD after all!
not really that much extra work if you're already passing by those stores
1x Zoomer $45 for 7GB ,unlimited can wide talk n unlimited txt
1x Fido $40 for 5GB w/ unlimited Can Wide txt/talk small plan(+3GB bonus )
1x Fido $45 for 4Gb w/ unlimited Canada wide n 1000 int min + LG velvet 5G
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Dec 26, 2010
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Dang, I forgot that they pulled out of this area a year or so back. There is no Footlocker in the mall anymore. Could have used some new shoes instead of the ones I now can't get at Walmart. Thanks anyway...
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Jun 1, 2006
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thegraduate112 wrote: This is a very expensive contraceptive
Other people prefer to wear free contraceptives
I swear to drunk I'm not God 😝
Oct 7, 2006
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roblombardi wrote: "Full black version"?... if you don't know the character, you don't deserve it
I looked at the shoe and couldn't see anything that clearly linked it to a droid.

For a second I thought you were referring to Finn, but then I realized that would be racists and there must be a black painted droid.
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Oct 18, 2014
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Oakville, ON
Good luck with foot locker their website blows hard...always wrong stock levels and cancelled order three days later..just got a couple cancelled orders today..and it’s happened several times prior..complete bait and switch


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