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Nov 29, 2009
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Arias1619 wrote: Thank you so much for the feedback. I really appreciate the time that you all put in to respond.

Initially the plan was that he would play one hour per day on weekends, which became two hours, not sure when. At times I would be busy with my 7 month old and although I would tell him to put it away he wouldn’t always, hence why I’m estimating it to be more than two hours on some days.

The combination of the baby, 5 year old, homeschooling (the 5 &7 year olds fight SO much and this kind of helped to keep them to themselves, letting me tend to the baby)— all led to this.

I have drastically cut down the hours and my plan is to let him play it only one hour per weekend, as we tend to see cousins on the weekend and they all play it.

All the feedback helped to reinforce my gut feeling that this was wrong and too much. There is so much I want to do with them at this age but the baby doesn’t always let me.
How old are the cousins? Do they play together? I grew up playing games, fairly heavily influenced by my cousin and older friends. My cousin was/is pretty even-keeled, takes things in stride, while my other buddy was pretty "toxic". Seeing the two put me into a bit more on the "who cares, just a game" mindset but also didn't have youtube rage compilations getting millions of views. If the cousins are raging hard, your kid might be taking cues from them.

Have you considered playing fortnite with him? Maybe he just doesn't know how to act when he gets killed. Might be a good way to bond and limit his time, like when you are done playing (after however long you deem appropriate, 1-hour or whatever), time is up. After the baby goes to bed, maybe consider 7-8, father/son gaming hour. There are so many games out there that don't dump adrenaline like fortnite that are fun (think overcooked or other coop type games).

Or, if you have the means, a VR setup might be cool. Beat sabre or other games like that can really engage (physically and mentally) and its not easy to play for HOURS (IMO) like fortnite. He likes games, or atleast the competitve nature of battle royales and since there aren't many options for competitive activities right now, re-directing that to a "healthier" gaming environment would be my suggestion. Competitive FPS can be rewarding but VERY frustrating for even well adapted adults
May 2, 2020
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I can’t offer any advice other than the fact that a 7 year old should be no where near a gaming console of any sorts and no where near a game like Fortnite.

Sell the switch on Kijiji, uninstall the game on the computer, and tell your kid to go outside in the yard or take him to the park and let him learn and develop properly.

This is serial behaviour, there’s nothing a 7 year old can do to justify being given such a reward. Stop trying to negotiate with your kid. If he does something good take him out to the park, grab him ice cream.
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