Fox's Fantasy Island (2021) reboot on Global TV - Renewed

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Fox's Fantasy Island (2021) reboot on Global TV - Renewed

Are you ready to return to Fantasy Island?

from https://www.tvinsider.com/1008731/fanta ... -stargirl/
The plain, the plain truth is that everything old is new again in pop culture, which explains the latest resurrection of the 1970s chestnut—which previously inspired a short-lived 1998 remake on ABC (with Malcolm McDowell as Mr. Roarke) and a quickly forgotten horror-movie prequel in 2020. Fox’s breezily bizarre reboot is a frothy blast of summer escapism, and at the very least is a welcome respite from the myriad game shows and reality competitions cluttering the network lineups all summer. The big twist: Mr. Roarke is now Ms. Roarke, a direct descendant—call her—Roselyn Sanchez elegantly rocking her white pantsuit as she welcomes guests onto the magical island for a chance to realize their deepest and sometimes darkest fantasies. Guest stars in the opener include Prodigal Son’s fabulous Bellamy Young as a weight-conscious TV personality who desires nothing more than to pig out—although this eating compulsion reveals some serious psychological triggers. Kiara Barnes co-stars as Ruby, a guest with a terminal illness who seeks a momentary return to happier days and gets more than she bargains for.
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Ha, 9pm time slot tonight. It's "Fantasy Island" vs "Love Island". Gave up watching two weeks of the latter which was my guilty summer pleasure because of the Olympic Games. LOL