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FREE -- NEC AccuSync 75F 17" CRT Computer Monitor

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May 2, 2006
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FREE -- NEC AccuSync 75F 17" CRT Computer Monitor

NEC AccuSync 75F 17" CRT Monitor - FREE

Comes with the original box and manual. Missing power cord (being used somewhere else).

I don't have any pictures for it since I boxed it already. It was a very good monitor for a number of years. I retired 1-2 years ago and it was still working then. The CRT is still fairly bright but it only runs at 1280x1024@ 66 Hz. So it's not a high resolution CRT, but still a decent one. From the outside, the monitor should be in excellent condition. There were no scratches or stains on the shell or the monitor face when I put it away.

While I can donate or recycle this monitor, I would rather see if it could find a good home. I'm not sure who might want a CRT these days though, but maybe someone does. Forward to anyone who might want it.

1) Pick-up is required.
2) Delivery can be considered if:
a) relatively close by (South Vancouver)
b) you are keeping the monitor for sure (e.g. I'm not taking it back).
3) Shipping is probably not worth it. Really.

Product Features
- 17-inch (16-inch viewable) display size
- 1,280 x 1,024 maximum resolution at 66 Hz
- Antistatic coated semidark-tint screen
- 0.25-millimeter dot pitch
- Invar shadow mask

Cases and Expandability
- Size (LWH): 16.5 inches, 15.9 inches, 16.5 inches
- Weight: 36.8 pounds