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[Cineplex] FREE Raptors Viewing Parties at Cineplex Theatres

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  • Jun 13th, 2019 9:24 am
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Jul 22, 2004
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Richmond, BC
escalade wrote: ABC Feed or Canadian feed at theaters?
c'mon man what do you think?
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Oct 12, 2005
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my condo unit just flooded last night. dealing with the cleanup today at home. Not sure if i'll be able to finish the cleanup/be in the mood to go tonight. I got extra tickets for tonight if anyone wants to swing by to pickup PM me. Markham 7 & Warden. (Cineplex Vaughan)
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May 10, 2006
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Disappointed at the Calgary Theater selections. Wish they had this at Crossiron as well...
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Dec 11, 2006
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roblombardi wrote: Much better... at least theatres downtown won't be destroyed if the Raptors win; some people don't know how to celebrate, and think that behaving like rabid neanderthals is the proper way to celebrate a team's victory
Yeah notice how they didn't select Scarborough location but went further East to the crappy 1980's Ajax venue. I'll stay home and watch it on my 115 inch screen 4K projector. Beer and concessions a lot cheaper too! lol
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Apr 16, 2002
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Things changed now that I’m a father, I can’t live my life a quarter mile at a time anymore.
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May 7, 2017
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NoWynne2018 wrote: Yup. Dollar Tree chocolate bars 2/$1 (YMMV). Dollar Tree name brand chips or popcorn, $1.25/pack. Dollar Tree cold juice or pop, $1.25/bottle
Much too expensive - get your 97 cent chips at no frills or walmart!
Jul 11, 2007
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I think this is actually a very good win-win for fan in these remote area, don't think they are trying to make money with concession, I rather think this is a smart marketing induced move that benefit both fan, resident, property owner and team;
todays movie is not about content of movie, it's about experiences of in theater. so this is another way to attract new breed of customers, a new slice of pie in market/brand new type of customer to theater enjoy same ideology, same fan support base and get to know other fan, and boost fan loyalty,
brick and mortar mall/store in small town are dying faster and this will attract people come to theater to taste the experiences, hopefully bring new life to the mall.
there is only 1 team in Canada, now it's how they get residents of other city to become fan, basically making "Toronto Raptors" to "Canada's Raptors"; that's why, the list of location does not include "GTA" ; so I bet MLSE is paying or renting the theater for this.
Don't think they care much concession on this. it's still much cheaper then going to the PARK, and more than than watching this at home (with bunch of usual suspect, same old, think about chance to meet friends, for new dates etc). this is the so call "experiences" that theater trying to sell and they need this to survive. sure people can have 70" or 100" tv at home, but it can't have the same effect of theater and sport event is much more effective in this aspect. so it's WIN WIN WIN for customer, fan, local business!
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Apr 16, 2002
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Things changed now that I’m a father, I can’t live my life a quarter mile at a time anymore.
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Nov 20, 2005
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UPDATE - more tix to existing locations + London Westmount at 3pm:

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Nov 13, 2006
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Metro Vancouver
syn3rgetic wrote: I have extra tickets for Richmond Riverport Cineplex. Free. Just PM me.
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Apr 26, 2004
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escalade wrote: ABC Feed or Canadian feed at theaters?
I would assume Canadian. This will be one of the rare occasions where lots of noise from the audience is encouraged in the theatre.

Possibly a dumb question but how does a movie theatre show a live TV broadcast? Do they just hook up the projector to a cable box?
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Nov 20, 2010
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^ Don't know exactly how, but they definitely can show live TV broadcasts. In the past I've watched both Super Bowl and Raptors sporting events live and HBO's "Game of Thrones" during live broadcasts.


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