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free youtube downloader browser plugin for windows 10

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  • Apr 12th, 2016 1:59 pm
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Apr 18, 2009
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free youtube downloader browser plugin for windows 10

hi, my 65-yr old mom likes to download youtube videos and convert them to mp3 to listen

her laptop is windows8 and she uses IE for browsing. i installed freemake's youtube downloader plugins and things have been sailing smooth for her

however, i noticed that freemake's plugins stop working in my windows10 laptop in both IE/edge and firefox. i wonder if it is a OS compatibility issue, but this is holding me from upgrading her laptop to windows10

i am free to ditch the freemake plugins if there is another alternative that works just the same.....i am open to recommendations for any FREE youtube downloader plugins that will work in a windows10 environment, preferably in IE/edge. TIA
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Aug 22, 2006
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zentro wrote: Not really for your mom, but for advanced users, you cannot beat youtube-dl (linux, osx, windows), opensource (public domain in fact) & command line with an enormous amount of options. ... .md#readme

Someone made a gui version as well, I haven't tested it however:
Basically this.
Someone wanted an entire channel (1500 "videos") made into MP3s.
Took one CLI entry to download the videos and convert to MP3 via new file.