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1 Month Free Trial of Visual Voicemail ("iPhone 5S or higher" only)

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Aug 17, 2008
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[Freedom Mobile] 1 Month Free Trial of Visual Voicemail ("iPhone 5S or higher" only)

I received a FM text message alerting me to a free 1 month promotional trial of their Visual Voicemail service, although the offer is also available on their website. See attached.

Steps to take advantage of the offer.

1 - Login to your FM account. IDK if you can do the same through the FM mobile app, but you should be able to.
2 - Go to the url listed above or click here or
3 - Click "Plans & Add-Ons," then click on "Manage add-ons"
4 - Check the box to add Visual Voicemail
5 - Go back to "Plans & Add-Ons," and click on "Redeem Promo Code" See attached.
6 - Apply the promo code "VVM_TRIAL1" See attached.
7 - You should receive a text message confirmation immediately afterwards.

I made a note in my calendar to remove the VVM add-on 3 weeks into the promotional period. I don't think I'll need a quicker method to listen to spam VM's.
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