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300min/m Free calling to India for 6 months

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  • Oct 13th, 2017 3:25 pm
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Aug 29, 2017
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300min/m Free calling to India for 6 months

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October 18, 2017
Freedom Mobile
For those calling to India, freedom mobile will give 300mins/month for 6 months with new activation.

When is the offer available?
The promotion period is from October 12th, 2017, to October 18th, 2017. Offer subject to change without notice.

Who is Eligible?
To be eligible for the promotion, you must activate a new Pay After line on the Everywhere 49, Promo
Everywhere 50, and Everywhere 59 plans at a Freedom Mobile retail location during the promotion period.
The promotion may not be combined with any other in-market offer, with the exception of Better Together
Savings and the Refer a Friend program.
Your account will no longer be eligible for the promotion:
a) If you change your rate plan to a non-eligible plan.
b) If you port your number away from Freedom Mobile.
If you are not eligible for the promotion during any month, that credit will be entirely forfeited and cannot be
made up. If you qualify for the credit in the months following the disqualified month, you will continue to receive
the credit as applicable.

What will I receive?
You will receive a monthly credit of up to $9 for a period of six months as long as you remain an active Freedom
Mobile customer on the Everywhere 49, Promo Everywhere 50, and Everywhere 59 plans.
How can the credit be used?
The credit can be used to pay for current monthly international calling to India, up to 300 minutes per month.
It cannot be applied to the monthly recurring charge, the cost of add-ons, MyTab payments, toward the cost of
devices or accessories, or for the Phone Protection Plan.

How is the credit applied?
The credit will be applied directly to your account as a bill adjustment before tax on your 1st bill. The credit will
be applied as long as your account is in good standing (not suspended or cancelled) and as long as you continue
to be eligible. Unused credit will not be carried forward.
All services subject to Freedom Mobile’s Terms of Service, Fair Usage Policy, and Internet Traffic Management Policy
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