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[Freedom Mobile] LAST DAY Aug 26!! Freedom $55 for 20GB LTE and iPhone XR/Galaxy S10e + 100k PCO Points (Rogers/Fido Targeted)

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Dec 26, 2015
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For reference on my bill they charged me:

35.32 for the first 2 weeks - 5$ digital discount
then they charged for one month at $80 -$20 (rate plan discount promo) - $5 digital discount

all in one bill

so everything seems on the up and up over here so far.
May 29, 2018
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I’m in the same boat - I just got my second bill and the port-in discount has not been applied even after confirming with the CSR rep. Very annoying.
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Aug 23, 2019
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My first bill was : 35.32$(Aug27 - Sep 09) + 80$(sep10 - Oct 9) - 5$*2 Digital Discount Enrolnment
I called it twice to figure out. First responded could not explain anything well. I called again and the lady called the head to confirm my discount and then gave me code and applied it to my bill (Why the **** was that applied 2 weeks later?). Okay.
They also took off 20$+tax off from 1st bill as "Dispute Refund-Loyalty".

2nd bill came and what I see? 80 dollar plan. Okay. -5$ digital discount. oooookaaay. Refund - Loyalty 20$. Nice. So like 55 now right?
But the total is 55$+ tax + these 22.60 (20+tax) discount from last bill as PREVIOUS BALANCE that I "didn't pay" last month. What the **** is this math?
I called in AGAIN. The person Does not check it, does not ask anyone. He tells me what he sees on the monitor over and over again. I shoved him this code that I got a month ago and he put me on hold for good 20 min. After he said that he will contact HeadOffice to check this code and will call me back in 30.

I was never frustrated with this shit before.

I had an Issue with Fido when they overcharged me for almost 2$ dollars and then admitted it was a mistake and gave me a refund next time. With this guys I've spent over 3 hours talking to them (2.5 on hold) and still this shit happens.
Sep 9, 2019
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I have the same issue!
Port over my number on August 26th.

Got my 1st bill (Aug 26th - Sept 9) and called in & they assured me that the discount will be applied on the 2nd month. I have no code however.
The 2nd bill came on and it is still a full value & with no discount.
I am currently on hold with the CSR who told me to go back to the store & ask the store people.

Anyone in the same boat? What to do?
Sep 9, 2019
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Just want to share my experience for those who didn't get the $20 discount applied yet to the account.
I just finished talking on the phone and they assured me that it is now added to the account - we'll see if it's really the case on my next bill.
This is what I do:

1. call in customer service and ask directly for loyalty department. if they ask why? tell them the store told you so.
2. explain the situation and tell them that the store has asked you to call & that the store is far from your home.
the loyalty department argued that the promotion has passed and the store had to add the code.
3. demand the loyalty department to contact the head office & explain the promotion was nationwide.
the loyalty department put me on hold for 3 mins
the loyalty department said the queue line is long and told me that they will call back within 30mins - 2 hours.
I rejected the offer and chose to stay on the line.
**** not even 15 mins
he is back on the phone & told me that my account has been adjusted. voila!

Hopefully this is my last call with them.
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Aug 23, 2019
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They "resolved" this issue after 3 calls for me. And gave me a promo code, in case my next bill will not be discounted.
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Dec 20, 2018
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UnderKitten wrote: They "resolved" this issue after 3 calls for me. And gave me a promo code, in case my next bill will not be discounted.
Lol good luck


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