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[Freedom Mobile] Non-Listed Plan $19/mo (After Discounts, possibly YMMV) 1.5GB, Unltd Talk (Nation), Text (World), VM+/CC/Hotspots

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  • Dec 2nd, 2019 6:44 am
Jun 15, 2009
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I've been testing out FM since February when it was rolled out in Victoria with their Big Gig promo at half off for 6 months. My spare phone does not have band 66, it has 1-5/7-8/12-13/17/19/20/28-30/38-41. Other than when I signed up in the store, I have never been on LTE except when I left the city and piggybacked on their away network. On H+ right now, I get 5-6.0 Mbps down and 1.4-1.5 Mbps up. My Telus phone (same phone) is currently on LTE, Band 13 (I use the android app "LTE Discovery" to find out which band I'm on) and I'm getting speeds of 5.5/2.5. on average. With Telus, I'm usually swapping between bands 4 and 5. This is actually the first time I've noticed it on Band 13. Not much difference! I am currently in the basement however, and I only have 2 bars on Telus, full bars with Freedom (on H+).

Being on H+ hasn't been a hindrance. I have been playing Harry Potter:Wizards Unite on Freedom for the last month and had no issues. My only problem is that there are way more "dead zones" - areas where I'm actually getting zero connectivity, and I'm still inside the city limits. This has convinced me that I cannot give up Telus. For $30/mth, sure I can live with it (especially as a secondary phone), but not at $60/mth as my main device.

I have a child starting highschool in September so I was looking at switching to the $15/mth 250mb plan, because the one thing I have noticed is that Shaw PassPoints are everywhere, and it connects automatically. I've done a lot of research and found a very cheap phone that has all the bands that Freedom uses - Motorola Moto E5 Play, ... ms?ie=UTF8 - currently for sale on for $114.99.

This plan that OP has posted for $19 is great and I would jump on that, but until someone else chimes in and says they got the same deal, I'm not going to switch before my current promo expires.
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Dec 31, 2007
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Anyone able to get this? Spoke with 1 store and 1kiosk, no luck.
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Jun 1, 2008
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Phantom wrote: My plan says that too. Despite that, on this prepaid plan when I ran out of data, it completely stopped. They really want you to buy the $15 1 GB data add on when you run out.
Well I have phoned tech support and billing and have it on recorded messages that it does not stop. Perhaps this happens to some? I just can’t see how their tech people and billing people will on recorded conversations tell you something which is on the web site. They were adamant about it.

In any case, there seems to be so much disinformation going around about FM. Band 66 requiremts, poor phone reception, etc... I have not noticed any of this. I am using both a band 66 supported phone and one that isn’t. Don’t notice any different in the GTA. In fact FM has been every bit as good as Rogers for me.

The only complaint I have is the difficulty in applying a balance on a prepaid plan to your bill. It is really not obvious.
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Jan 9, 2008
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Is it still available?
I can only see $25 plan($5 digital discount) but it has 1GB of data and only incoming calls are free
xkaliber wrote: Went to Freedom Mobile to get my elderly mother signed up for a simple, talk/text/data plan (plan is likely not suitable for those who expect perfect coverage and use lots of data).

Our original plan was to do the Freedom 250MB since she stays local, travels only within major suburban/urban areas and her primary data uses are for WhatsApp and social media. The worry of poor reception was minuscule for her since her world won't fall apart just because her internet lags out or she loses reception momentarily. Can't say the same for myself...

Data 250MB of Fast LTE (Freedom Network)

Talk (Freedom Nationwide)
100 min of calls to Canada
Unlimited incoming calls

Text (Freedom Nationwide)
Unlimited text, picture, and video messaging to Canada and the U.S.
Unlimited global picture and video messaging

Additional Plan Features (Freedom Nationwide)
Call Control (Caller ID, Missed Call Alerts, Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting)
Access to Freedom Wi-Fi Hotspots in Western Canada
$0.15/min. for extra minutes of calls to Canada
Standard long-distance rates apply for calls to the U.S. and other international destinations
$0.05/text for international text messages

Cost would have been $15 after -$5 from digital discount (full price $20) per month.

They of course tried to talk me up to the next tier for 500MB w/ unlimited talk/text - but because Freedom throttles after data limits and my mom won't even do 100mins/month, we didn't care much for it. WhatsApp and social media would work perfectly fine on even throttled speeds. After some discussion, the rep offered a sweeter deal... a $29 plan but with a $10/mo discount. So for an extra $4/mo ($19/mo) from our original plan, we got...


For this specific plan, they deepened the digital discount to $10/mo instead. I went to the portal to confirm the auto-pay amount.

I'm told the promo doesn't expire as long as we don't otherwise modify our plan. I did a search to see if this would be a repost, but couldn't find it... welcome to yell at me if it exists. I did see another $19 plan offered in another thread, but the conditions were different. This would have normally been the $24 (after discount) plan, I believe with an extra $5/off per month stacked on top. I don't have the details as to the availability of this, so I marked it YMMV for now unless someone can confirm.
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How's reception on a Redmi Note 8 in GTA?
Dec 11, 2008
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I have my kids on 5GB prepaid plans for $35 month and since there are 5 of us, we each get $5 off for a final monthly price of $30 per line.

When I was having problems with monthly credits, last year, a supervisor told me that I could switch each or all lines to any type of plan that was available. Basically, you could switch to any published or non published plans as long as their system still had it available. I switched my plan to one that allowed me better or no long distance charges.

It’s worth the discussion to see what’s available to you, other than the current published plans or promotions.