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May 28, 2010
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I've been with all the major players, I have better service with Freedom than I had with Robbers and Fido.
Back in 2013/2014 it was a little spotty on their 3G but once they rolled out LTE I've had no issues.
May 28, 2010
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ECBomb wrote: Transitioned to Freedom Mobile as my main line since August 2018. The network is much more reliable now. Sure, there are still spotty areas but it's vastly improved since its early days. This is for the Greater Vancouver Area.

The three things that make me stay with Freedom are:
1) The network is reliable enough as a main line.
2) We should support the smaller players so there's more competition. I know Shaw wants to be part of a Big 4, but at least they're a completely different company, whereas all the "competition" like Fido, Koodo, Virgin are all still the same brands.
3) You're grandfathered into their plans for as long as your account is active. All these Robelus "deals" never remain the same price. They'll tack on another $5, another $10 there, etc. With my $60 plan (with 35% F&F discount), I'm getting complete North American coverage. They'll likely encourage me to go with an in market plan, or change the hardware upgrade rules so that I won't qualify, but based on their track record, I'll likely keep my plan for as long as I want. I'll either buy unlocked phones or suck it up and follow whatever policy at the time when I am eligible for a hardware upgrade.

Freedom works for many but if it doesn't, you're free to go with another company.
They are only offering a $100 discount on the S20+ 5G so I got it from Samsung with their 25% off office bundle deal. It is typically better to buy your own unlocked phone and just pop in your nano sim, no need to contact them.
May 28, 2010
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Hamtori223145 wrote: I am in western canada and its not as bad as ppl make it out to be. I usually get LTE but it does sometimes move over to 3g. I always have service caz of roaming. However seems like the big 3 is matching freedom's plans so I would prob go with big 3 after my contract.
The phone is also a factor; my Nexus 5 would jump between 3G and 4G where as my Axon 7 would jump between 4G and LTE but never go down to 3G.
Jun 28, 2020
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Honestly speaking, I hated freedom mobile's service. Switched to Zoomer last week. Best decision I ever made.
May 26, 2020
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Freedom's service works best in major city hubs around Ontario (I've found) - anywhere outside these areas connection gets spotty. Never had any problems with it in the GTA
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Feb 7, 2008
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St Catharines
Subjective experience in the St. Catharines/Niagara Region
  • I'm in the St. Catharines/Niagara Region and I've been with Freedom 2 years now.
  • Freedom was the only reasonable way to get a plan with US Data Roaming included (60$ 8gb everywhere plan which includes 1gb US roaming data, call/text in/out/from US, no overages).
  • If it still exists, it's a great plan and you could get it from Freedom kiosks in border cities (e.g., here in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls)
  • However, I get terrible call reception (usually dropping to 3g inside my house, and zero/no reception at work). Even with wifi-calling on, it's not seamless. Switching home/away towers or cell/wifi-calling causes calls to fail, go straight to voicemail, or not connect at all.
  • They added a Band13 tower which is supposed to help but I see no practical difference at home/work.
  • That being said, I can text and use my calling/data/etc in the US (when the border is open) and get wonderful reception in the US (on AT&T)
  • If there was any viable alternative I'd leave Freedom in a second. As it is, the next option that includes US roaming is Telus/Rogers 85$/month
Summary: If you're in St. Catharines/Niagara Region, and this is a significant financial savings deal for you then it might be worthwhile, but if there's another option that's close I'd highly recommend avoiding Freedom in this area.
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Dec 28, 2011
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I had Rogers and switch to freedom. I get better service in my work building compared to Rogers ...
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Nov 17, 2017
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My experience in Edmonton has been good so far. No issues with reception or data speeds. It is better to get a new smartphone though with all the necessary bands for the best experience.

For LTE data B4 is the bare minimum, B66 a must for bandwidth, B13 (with VoLTE) for extended range. B7 helps out in the dense metro areas, 600MHz B71 is in the works.
Public Mobile, Tangerine
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May 24, 2017
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Energie11 wrote: I had Rogers and switch to freedom. I get better service in my work building compared to Rogers ...
Similar for me. I have dual sim phone. PublicMobile was low to no bars depending on location in building. Freedom at worst had two bars, most of the time it was four bars.

And way up north (towards Algonquin Park), PublicMobile was good, while Freedom was spotty (roaming).

99% of the time I'm in the city/at work, so Freedom better for me.
Apr 11, 2012
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Thx OP for this. I called and CSR transferred me to loyalty dept and offered me 2 planes 40.00 for 10 gb or 50.00 for 15 gb. I went with 40 for 10 gb. I was on 65.00 for 10 gb plan. So, can't for wrong with 25.00 discount. Plan value stays same as long as you are their customers.
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Jul 13, 2019
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Freedom network really sucks. I am in hamilton and it is never reliable anywhere here. I got stuck with the 2 year contract on black Friday and that is proving out to be a nightmare. WFH has some how helped me survive with that for now but I am going to payout and run away from that soon. Wont recommend anyone to go with Freedom at all..


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