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Freedom prepaid vs post paid?

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  • Apr 27th, 2020 1:05 pm
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Jun 16, 2017
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Freedom prepaid vs post paid?

wondering is the advantage of being post paid? For example 2GB post paid = $35 vs 3GB prepaid = $29 Not really sure what the difference is between prepaid and month to month post paid.
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Feb 28, 2012
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Plans with Prepaid in the plan name have nationwide data which stops when you reach your quota.
You would need to purchase a one-time data pass to continue ($15/1GB nationwide, $20/5GB on-network).

All other Freedom plans will have the data throttled when you hit quota; you can continue using data n/c.

The main advantage of postpaid is the option to get tab financing on a new phone ($25+ plans).
With prepaid there are no credit checks, and you've greater cost control (no inadvertent usage charges).

All Freedom postpaid plans can be set up for prepaid billing. This is unique to Freedom.

Prepaid plans and plans on prepaid billing will be suspended if you don't top-up by the monthly renewal date.
There is no penalty, and no cost when a prepaid plan goes into suspension status, unlike postpaid.
You retain the number on a suspended prepaid plan for 90 days from suspension, then lose it without a top-up.
On a secondary line or one you don't need all the time, prepaid is more flexible.
But you'll need a credit balance if you use added-cost services (long distance).

Postpaid plans can be suspended for a monthly cost, either full rate or $15/mo depending on suspension type.

There is no proration of service charge or refund when you cancel prepaid.
A postpaid cancel will prorate monthly service, and if within the first 15 days Freedom bills nothing.