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Jul 20, 2006
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Hi, i tried using FQ on ebay to get a quote from an auction. It didn't work so i tried to get one on the FQ website. They give you free quotes with a free registration as a member. I did all that, got my quote of some outrageous number that is like approx. 4x more than what another ebay seller is charging for shipping. I may have entered some information that is incorrect though.
Fast forward to the next morning, i get a call from FQ. I let it go to vm, turns out they are calling me based on my quote.. as if they want me to proceed to use their services. Harassing phone call, and i read that they will keeping calling as well.

Anyone actually use FQ and has gotten competitive rates for shipping? one ebay seller says 45$ shipping (he says that's the cheapest option) and another ebay seller with FQ (that includes best rates and lets you choose which company to use) comes up to approx. 190$.

PS, when ebay seller wants buy to pay for shipping, does this include delivery guy coming to pick up package from seller's address or seller is USUALLY responsible to get it to the shipping depot?
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Aug 22, 2006
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There's even a coupon floating around here somewhere for free setup.
Also, I thought FQ was for freight, not packages. IE an entire pallet, LTL or FTL.


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