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Friends/Family Photo Sharing Apps

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  • Jul 28th, 2021 9:49 am
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Friends/Family Photo Sharing Apps

We just had a baby and everyone has been crazy about asking us for photos. We do not wish to post on FB/Instagram, I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for Photo sharing apps.

I am looking for an app with an ability to share photos with a select group of friends, and also with close family members. Preferably the "family" group would see all photos, and "friends" group would only see select photos. Any tips on apps that do that or how to set that up in Google Photos or something available across iOS and Android WITHOUT making 2 separate albums and uploading the photos twice?

Thank you
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Just do what people did pre-facebook, use good old fashioned e-mail. You do not have to attach HIGH res photos, just low or medium res will be fine. you can just send a few images until we are finally out of the pandemic and people can come over to see you, you can show them the hard copy of your photo album. I keep mine on my coffee table so guests can flip thru the pages.
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