Front Hood Detective -- alternator, tensioner pulley or water pump?

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  • Apr 2nd, 2019 11:02 pm
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Mar 23, 2004
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The thread title of this is quite humorous and kind of points to how not to fix a car. Typically you hire a detective when you want to solve a murder investigation or maybe a private one to catch your wife cheating on you. When you want to fix a car, hire a mechanic.

I guess you might call a mechanic a detective in that s/he has to figure out what's wrong with it, but very few people would draw this analogy. I think my main point is, asking for "detectives", donning a Sherlock Holmes hat/pipe (?), and watching some Youtube videos...does not make you a mechanic. Now I'm not against fixing your own car (in fact I'm all for it) but this thread just seems very strange--this is not exactly the way to go about it. Watching videos and "forming hypotheses" and saying stuff like "no clue, but maybe", is a bit cringey TBH.

I mean either just find out what the noise is or take it to a competent mechanic that can diagnose it. Don't bother with these strange theoretical "hypotheses" based on YouTube viewings, and asking people here random stuff. Don't go to a stealer either, that's just a ticket for getting ripped off and probably not even getting your problem solved.