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[FS] FS: Custom Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

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  • Jul 5th, 2020 4:55 pm
Apr 23, 2020
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Richmond Hill
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FS: Custom Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards ... 1239838620

CAN SHIP ANYWHERE IN CANADA, SHIPPED 50 CARDS ALREADY!! CAN ALSO MAKE NEW LEAF CARDS THAT WORK IN BOTH GAMES!!!! Sold over 50 check out the reviews! Get your favourite villagers now instantly! Scroll to the new photo for it working!

Tired of seeing overpriced animal crossing amiibos just for your favourite S tier villager? Before you go any further, I can create any animal crossing amiibo card you want Every card from series 1-4 EXCEPT the brand new ones which are CYD, DOM, AUDIE, JUDY, MEGAN, RAYMOND, RENEIGH, AND SHERB. The prices are below:

$4 for one blank card, add another 1.50 dollars if you would like a polaroid picture attached to it, (shown in the next price). If you don't the cards will be labelled.

If you purchase 6 you will be given another one for free!

I am selling the nice card version which you can keep forever for just $4 ($5.50 with polaroid)! I prefer pick up but message me anyways! I am located in Richmond Hill!

To invite the villager to your town you must have the campsite unlocked, craft the item of their choice (usually an easy to craft item). You must then invite them again over the next day or two and they will be interested. Then talk to Tom Nook to create a housing plot for 10K bells, its that easy!
If you have 10 villagers all you gotta do is do the same process but the villager you long desire will kick one you just really can't stand out! The process is painless and don't worry, the old villager will understand!
You can also use these cards to do a photoshoot in harv's island for those sweet photos.
What are you waiting for? Message me today! 6479630524!
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Sep 18, 2018
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For pete's sake people can edit their own save files.