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FS online buying question

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  • Dec 28th, 2005 7:18 pm
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Apr 6, 2004
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FS online buying question

This is the first time I am buying online and I have two questions:
1. For those who have bought the TRENDnet Wireless-G Router and Wireless-G USB 2.0 Adapter package for $9.98, when I go to checkout why did it say that one of the item was not shipable?

2. Where is the receipt for the transaction? On the faq it said
"At the end of your transaction, you are shown an Order Summary screen. This Order Summary includes our GST and PST numbers for your reference." I don't remember seeing a page with the GST and PST numbers.
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Dec 28, 2002
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purchasing from FS & BB is relatively hassle-free. there's are hiccups during boxing week but that's to be expected. if you were able to check out and received a confirmation email with an order number you have nothing to worry about.

if an item is out of stock it will be shipped when available. there's a 2-4 week grace period to send your MIR so that's fine. the GST/PST number signifies FS/BB is a legit company recovering taxation on behalf of our govts for service/merchandise purchased. if you are a wholesaler or have tax-exempt status you can recover this amount -- speak to a FS/BB CSR and they'll process this for you. for regular RFD'ers, no dice. they have to pay tax.
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Nov 27, 2005
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BTW, I got my email confirmation precisely (ordered 12:55, email rcv'ed 5:55) 5 hours after I ordered. Don't be surprised if you don't get an email immediately.
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Apr 6, 2004
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Received my order and the spindles are broken open. This is just an awful first time experience ordering online at FS.

I called and they said that I had to wait a few days before I could return them because I need authorization.
Do I actually need authorization to return them?
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Dec 10, 2004
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You can return them to any FutureShop if you have one in your area.


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