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[FS] Full 5ghz 4690k/z97/16gb/h55 combo, GB z97-SLI, Keyboards, PCI-Ex16 Gen3 port extension, window mod kit,

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  • Jun 15th, 2017 3:30 pm
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Full 5ghz 4690k/z97/16gb/h55 combo, GB z97-SLI, Keyboards, PCI-Ex16 Gen3 port extension, window mod kit,

Spring cleaning! All parts are in babied or sealed condition, except where otherwise stated. 100% positive feedback over 10+ years here & on heatware.

1. 4690k Combo: Gigabyte z97 Black Edition (gb's high end stability) board, intel i5 4690K cpu (have receipt & warranty left), Avexir Core 2x8GB kit Black/Blue LED, Corsair H55 water cooling unit.

The cpu and ram in this combo are cherry picked - the combo has booted at 5.1ghz with almost no voltage bumps. The Avexir kit is ridiculous for the money, you get 3300+ at C14 and 2600 at c11, no voltage bumps. Very highly reviewed and this is the best kit in the core series (the blue LED/black HS sticks). I've run it at 4.4 for past 4 months, and even while gaming never saw it over 45c with the h55, fan on low. For reference, @ 5ghz this one hits 2750 pcmarks single-threaded (1800 stock); the i7 7700k - 2600, and Ryzen 7 1800x - 1972.

Rare combo here, come see for yourself before you buy. $550 OBO. I have receipts for all 4 items, and original boxes/accessories for mobo, h55, ram.

2. Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SLI - brand new board from RMA (previous one fully failed and this is a replacement new board), never used. Original box and accessories included! Previous one was a beast, 5ghz stable. Can swap into the above combo on request! -$100 OBO

2. Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard, brand new in box, seal intact. $40 or best offer takes it.
3. Gamdias Ares + Erebos gaming combo keyboard + mouse. Surprisingly decent combo, bought 2 and kept one. The UPC code was removed for a promotion, but the box itself was never opened. $20 OBO
4. Logitech K400 touchpad/keyboard combo for TV's. Fantastic product, I have 3 of them. This one is brand new sealed in box. $35 OBO

5. Mirrored/silvered side-panel window conversion kit, in great condition. Comes with the mirrored plexi window (beveled & sanded rounded edges, holes pre-drilled), seal padding liner, and all the screws - high quality black ballcap hex bolts with large threads. Very easy to convert your windowless case to a unique mirror finish window, with a professional machined look. Perfect mirror when in daylight, perfectly see-through with little glare at night. This kit was $130 new. I'll take $30 for it.
6. 2x Sony Xperia Z5 Premium hard glass screen protectors, from ivoler. REALLY good protectors. 9h hardness. Free, just pick them up or pay shipping. Amazon screwed up and sent me 2 wrong ones.
7. One of the better Chinese pcie port extenders, with drain capacitors and a molex for active port power. The ones sold online are 50/50 whether they'll work, this one i have personally used for months at Gen3 speed with a gtx960 4gb Strix. In-game it always works great at Gen3, but on boot-up, it sometimes takes 2-3 tries to boot. At Gen2 speed set on the mobo, it always works reliably. $50 landed is the cheapest you can find these, I'll let it go for $40 and you save yourself the russian roulette with these things + 5 weeks shipping from china.

Pickup in Mississauga (derry & winston churchil), or can arrange a dropoff for you in GTA if it's on my way. You can see and test all parts for yourself if you're picking up, there's no bullshit in this thread!
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