Funding tddi with tangerine

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Funding tddi with tangerine

Hi folks

New to investing
I set up TD direct investing account

TD Direct Investing–CAD Margin
TD Direct Investing––USD Margin
TD Direct Investing––CAD Margin Short
TD Direct Investing––USD Margin Short
TD Direct Investing–CAD TFSA
TD Direct Investing––USD TFSA
TD Direct Investing––CAD SDRSP
TD Direct Investing––USD SDRSP

Didn't realise I was going to get all of these accounts

I have a few questions
If I have $100 per month going into tddi will that eliminate fees?

How do I transfer money from tangerine to my tddi account ?
Iv looked for 3 hrs it doesn't make since to me At all

When I transfer funds can I specifically choose tsfa as I plan on maxing out this first using eseries investing
I don't want to have to manually transfer anything

Thanks in advance folks Thumbs Up Sign
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If you have pre-authorized deposit of $100 monthly , it will waive the account quarterly maintenance fees or if you have total of 15k (or 25k I don't really recall) across all accounts under TDDI, you will also waive the quarterly maintenance fees.

You can send money through bill payment. Add TD Waterhouse as a payee and to answer your third question, if you want to send to TFSA, make sure you input the correct account number in your payee details. If you login to TDDI, you should see slightly different account numbers in each of them. Either a different letter or number in the sequence.
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May 31, 2018
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If you have an existing TFSA at Tangerine call TD DI and they will walk you through the process to transfer everything over. It's been a while since we did this, but there were some forms that needed to be signed electronically. It only took a half hour or so to get it all done and then a couple of weeks for the funds to appear in TD DI and that was it.

Only bill pay the funds from Tangerine if they aren't in a TFSA there. If you move the funds from Tangerine TFSA to chequing to use bill pay you can't deposit that amount in your TD DI TFSA until Jan 1, 2021.


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