Future dividend dates

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May 6, 2010
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Future dividend dates

Caught the covered call option bug so I need to know the future dividend date of my stocks.

Would it safe to assume if my last ex-dividend date is May 21st, my next ex-dividend date will be August 21st or in the same week. It was the third Thursday of the month. In other words, I should sell the covered call, expires before third Friday in August? Thanks.
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Jun 28, 2018
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Check the company investor relation page for their typical ex-dividend dates. For quarterly dividend payouts, then yea, a quick thought would be just adding 3 months to the last ex-div.

Example: here you can see over the years the date. Obviously, some adjustment due to yearly shifting business dates on calendars and any weekends that fall in between. ... -and-Dates

Adding - if you're trying to write CCs around ex-div dates. Theoretically, stock price could run up leading to the ex-div. As well, if the contract is in the money, there's a higher chance the closer you get to the ex-dividend date a contract holder will execute their Call option and you could be randomly assigned. This is as you may guess, because the holder wants to capture the dividend along with the stock upside. They just execute closer to ex-div so they have more certainty of the share price closer to then and they can sell shares quickly.
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Dividends through quality companies 😃 Though I usually lose money with trades :facepalm: