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Futureshop pricematch is SCAM.

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  • Mar 3rd, 2012 5:13 pm
Mar 12, 2009
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Futureshop pricematch is SCAM.

I tried to pricematch Polk Audio psw10 today at my local futureshop store (Québec). ... &sku=PSW10 ... 9cba32fr02

Knowing FS was selling it 300$ vs 98$ at Visions, it would have been 78$ at futureshop, a great deal!

I read the FS Lowest price guarantee twice to make sure they wouldn't find any excuse to refuse to pricematch.

The seller to who I speak with asked to his manager to handle the situation as there was a big price difference. Up to now, everything is fine.
But, the manager said when seeing the price: We cannot pricematch this.

I asked why, as they have the Lowest price guarantee policy. After that, he started looking on website to find any error.
He said: Well, don't forget that you need to add shipping price to your order...
I said: The shipping is free @
He said: Well, the warranty is probably not valid...
I said: It's an authorized dealer, full 5 years warranty on the product.

Now embarrassed, he started looking for small prints or any other thing that could have gived him a reason to refuse PM.
He didn't find anything, so he told me: Well, there's no Visions store in Québec, so out of luck I can't PM.

I said what? Futureshop is a national banner. So you're telling me that if I would be in another province, they would have PM me but as I'm living in Qc, it's not working?
He said yes.
I said: It's not written anywhere in your policy and that he was lying to me. (I didn't have the policy with me, unfortunately.) That it's really nice to have a policy that they can apply ONLY when THEY want. (When it's nowhere stated in their policy)

When I was back home, I called futureshop customer service and they confirmed they should have PM it. The offer was 100% valid and FS should PM as it was in their list of price-matching stores.

I'm so pissed about this "manager" who's lying to customers and NOT honoring their policies.

I mean, if you have a Price Match policy, YOU ARE TAKING A RISK. If you CAN'T handle the risk, DON'T OFFER IT!

What a big scam.
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Jun 30, 2006
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Futureshop PM policy is inconsistent. One store I went too, they said they can only price match stores in the area. I told them to show me this condition in their price match policy. Bestbuy is much easier when it comes to price matching.
Mar 12, 2009
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I think the policy is quite clear and consistent.

What is inconsistent is what the seller/manager will tell you about it.
Mar 12, 2009
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What did you get for answer when you asked them to show you that policy (store in the same area)?
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Aug 19, 2010
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It must depend on the nastiness of the associate that you get... I have never had an issue PMing at FS, but if you have the proof in hand there is no valid reason not to PM.
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May 14, 2007
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I think maybe you should have called customer service while at the store...
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Nov 26, 2005
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just do it in bb if you have to
I avoid fs at all cost. always a waste of time experience for me.
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Oct 24, 2007
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Never had a problem PMing FS.

I once PM'ed $65 headphones and got them for $4.

If customer service approved the PM why don't you get it online?
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Feb 9, 2011
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yeah buy it online and make them match it
Mar 12, 2009
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure I can get it to the right price from now. Even at 98$ at visions it's a great deal and I'm thinking about getting it there.

My point now is, when a polite and PM-policy-knowledgeable-customer ask to a manager for a PM and the manager only find weak excuses to refuse the PM (I refuted his excuses like 3 times in a row, until he found a false excuse to refuse to PM), I consider this really bad sale practice. Maybe my expectations from a salesman were set too high for the honesty.

For a salesman, ok, you can get angry but when it's the manager? Maybe he should be remembered to be honest in his work.

There was an older lady beside me when speaking with him (didn't know she was there until I decided to leave) and she looked like upset at the manager.
I had every requirement on their policy to have a successful pricematch, the only thing I didn't have on my side is the huge discount they would have to give me. I was prepared for a bump before they accept to PriceMatch, but what the manager said made no sense and as I don't like being ********ed, I needed to talk about it :)

In short: Even in the case of a legit price match, the seller might refuse to honor it. Don't take it for granted. I should NOT have to fight that much to get their own policy honored. People must know that this policy is not sent from heaven but that it _CAN_ be hard to get it applied.

I'm not saying that it's always that hard, but it's the first time they don't want to honor me on a legit offer with such false excuses. (I'm 50/50 on the results, twice they accepted, twice they refused. I didn't really complain on my first rejection as it was on their Cell Booth and I could understand that the guy was limited to what his computer was offering him. I went at my carrier store and had the deal approved though.)

Voilà! :)
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Jun 20, 2008
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carmaster wrote: Futureshop PM policy is inconsistent. One store I went too, they said they can only price match stores in the area. I told them to show me this condition in their price match policy. Bestbuy is much easier when it comes to price matching.

They even do stores that are only online( as long as they are Canadian). I was able to I think it is easier to do it at the store than online(ordering from bestbuy site).I am currently price matching something and still waiting to hear if I qualify(even though I got the item already....I phoned the same day I ordered to get the price matching).

They had to escalate it to another department since the website I was matching against was not on there preapproved list. I guess I have to call them and see what is going on ( I should get the item....I priced matched the item in store with the same site and it was approved....I just needed 2 and the store had no clue when they where going to get more in)

So if your going price match do it in store. From my experience it is easier. The guy that I was talking to for my online order wanted to use a shipping rate with the item (even though the website has a pickup option that I could drive to within 30 mins). Later he dropped it.


Well BestBuy online is worse. I was told that I would get $18.56 back in my pricematch. Heard nothing and saw nothing credited back to my credit card. I phoned them up and all of a sudden I am going to be credited $7.58 cents back instead of the $18.56 that was said I would get from their customer sales associate when I phoned to price match.

So the item will end up costing me ~$59 (taxes included) when I can go to their competitor and get it ~$48 (taxes included).

I told them I will be returning the product and they can have fun with an opened used product but they don't seem to care. Plus they just lost a customer.

Hope it was worth it too them.
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Jul 16, 2005
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Futureshop is the worst for PM. Sometimes you get it sometimes you don't. I don't get why these companies put up a PM policy when they don't even honour it.
Mar 12, 2009
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Today they sell it at 120$ instead of 300$, not mentioning that they try to make us think the regular price was 130$ and that today is a 10$ rebate.
I hate marketing :)

I'm curious what would say the manager today if I try to price match. If he changes his mind, shame on him.
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Nov 15, 2006
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It's like this at Best Buy, too. I tried to price match a Nikon lens a few weeks ago. The difference was not THAT big but the sales associate came up with excuse after excuse to reject it. First he argued that the store wasn't Canadian because it didn't end in .ca. I showed him the site and the Canadian address listed at the bottom of the page. He then went away for at least 20 minutes to "talk to his manager". After that he came back and said that since the sale was a "limit 2 per customer" sale, they couldn't match it. I specifically told him I only wanted 1, not 17. He didn't care.

I'd much rather give my business to the other company.
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Sep 13, 2011
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Why not send your story to La facture at Radio-Canada, I sent them a email once and they responded.
maybe they could expose your case in it will be a PR nigthmare for the Futureshop manager :)

I think he could realise karma is a *****.